Cucumber ice cream with mint and ginger as granita

Gurken-Eis als Granita mit Johannisbeeren, Minze und Gurke dekoriert.
Cucumber ice cream as granita decorated with currants, mint and cucumber.

Cucumber ice cream according to this recipe is very refreshing and comes without refined sugar off. Coconut blossom sugar gives the ice cream a Caramel note. The Ginger and lime juice make it a perfect ice cream for summer or as an intermediate course for a menu.

This time, I've chosen to make it as Granita elected. The Granita is a very simple manufacturing variant. The mass is placed in the freezer and regularly mixed with the Fork stirred. The intention is to create larger ice crystals, so use a fork and not a whisk or hand mixer.

But the ice can just as well be ice cream machine are produced or in Stem Ice- or Popsicle shapes* can be filled.

Cucumber ice cream ingredients

4 portions


  • Wash the cucumber and cut into pieces.
  • Cut ginger into pieces.
  • Place all ingredients except the mint in a blender and puree thoroughly.
  • Add the mint and mix again. But not too long, so that the mint is still visible.

Ice in the freezer freeze. To create a Granita to make, stir the ice cream mixture only with a fork. To obtain a finer ice cream, mix well every 30 minutes with a hand mixer (total time 3 hours).

Für eine Granita wird das Gurken-Eis mit einer Gabel alle 30 Minuten durchgerührt.
For a granita, stir the cucumber ice cream with a fork every 30 minutes.

The ice can also be used in the ice cream machine be prepared. Depending on the model, allow to pre-cool for a few minutes. Switch on the mixer and pour in the ice cream mixture (duration approx. 30 minutes).

Alternatively in Stem Ice- or Popsicle shapes* and freeze for about 3 hours.

If the cucumber ice cream longer in the freezer was stored, only for about 20 minutes in the Refrigerator defrost before consuming it. Stir the granita again well with a fork.

Tips for making cucumber ice cream

  • I have the Cucumber peel with processedto retain the valuable ingredients. In addition, the ice cream then looks nice and green. You should then of course pay attention to organic quality. But you can just as well remove the cucumber peel before mixing.
  • A fresh cucumber can be recognized by the fact that they fixed feels. In particular the Lace tends to soften particularly quickly. Therefore, touch the tip once and feel whether it is still firm.
  • Also with the Ginger I pay attention to organic quality and let the Bowl on it. The fresher and younger the ginger is, the better. You can also peel the ginger beforehand. The best way to do this is to scrape off the peel with a knife or spoon. Otherwise, you tend to cut away too much of the ginger bulb and discard it.
  • The ice cream best for contrast with Decorate red accents. Here, fruits such as strawberries, currants and raspberries come into question or even Goji berries*. You can also use a homemade strawberry sauce to this end

As another healthy ice cream recipes I can give you my variant for Mango Nicecream, Apple sorbet with celery or vegan pineapple ice cream recommend.

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Gurken-Eis mit Erdbeeren und Minze dekoriert.
Cucumber ice cream decorated with strawberries and mint.

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