Strawberry sauce lightning fast in 3 minutes

Fresh or frozen strawberries can be used as the basis for the strawberry sauce.
Fresh or frozen strawberries can be used as the basis for the strawberry sauce.

strawberry sauce or other fruit sauces are healthier alternatives to Chocolate sauce or Caramel sauce. But of course, not every sauce goes equally well with all types of ice cream.

Fruit sauces are particularly good for Yoghurt ice cream but also to others Milk ice cream varieties like Cashew ice cream or Quark ice cream. For which classic strawberry sauce should never be missing is Spaghetti ice cream. For this you need only Vanilla Ice Cream, cream, a potato ricer and this great strawberry sauce.

Ingredients for strawberry sauce


  • For frozen fruits, defrost them for about 20 minutes at room temperature. For fresh fruits, wash and clean them.
  • Put the fruits together with the other ingredients in a blender and puree until a homogenous mass is obtained. If the strawberries do not have much sweetness, add a little more sugar
  • If seeds are considered bothersome, strain the sauce through a sieve or Strainer* delete.
Strawberry sauce with a beautiful dark red colouring.
Strawberry sauce with a beautiful dark red colouring.


You can prepare this sauce with all kinds of fruits. If necessary, the sugar or lime juice must be varied a little. Examples are:

  • Raspberries (a little less lime juice)
  • Blueberries (a little more lime juice)
  • Mango (lime juice depending on ripeness) - how best to process a fresh mango, I learned at the Mango sorbet described
  • Pineapple (a little less lime juice)


  • To Vanilla sugar to make yourselfYou simply need one scraped vanilla pod to about 200 g of sugar. Put them together in a container and store in a cool, dry place. Why you should rather use homemade vanilla sugar and how the industry leads us around by the nose, you can read in my article on the Difference of vanilla and vanillin read.
  • Depending on the sweetness of the fruit you can also Save added sugar completely.
  • The Lime juice not only helps with the taste, but also helps to keep the sauce looking good. Some fruit sauces otherwise become brownish with time when exposed to air.

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