Basil ice cream: vegan and without ice cream machine

Basilikum-Eis kombiniert mit veganem Schokoladen-Eis. Beides lässt sich sehr gut parallel vorbereiten und vor dem Frieren schichten.
Basil ice cream combined with vegan chocolate ice cream. Both can be prepared very well in parallel and layered before freezing.

Basil ice cream belongs in Italy to Standard repertoire and in Germany you can find it more and more often. The lime juice and the spicy note of basil make it a not too sweet and refreshing ice cream.

This basil ice cream is simply served in Freezer made. Aquafaba allows you to freeze it without stirring and that is for a vegan ice cream already rather unusual. The structure is slightly crystalline, as one would expect from Parfaits only without cream and chicken egg.

In case you're wondering Aquafaba on himself: this is a vegan alternative for beaten egg whites and as such finds use in vegan cuisine. You can even bake it.

Aquafaba is the cooking water of legumes. Hence the name: aqua (= water) and faba (= bean). The whipping and snowing is not much different from the process with chicken egg white. I prefer to use the Water of chickpeas. Simply buy a tin of chickpeas and collect the water it contains.

Basil ice cream ingredients

4 portions

  • 20 g basil (approx. 1 bunch)
  • 250 Coconut yoghurt
  • 2 TSP Coconut oil*
  • 60 g sugar
  • 4 tablespoons lime juice

For the aquafaba:

  • 60 g collected chickpea water
  • 1/4 tsp lime juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt


  • Pluck basil leaves and rinse.
  • Puree basil, coconut yogurt, coconut oil, sugar and lime juice in a blender.
  • Whip the aquafaba. To do this, beat the chickpea water with lime juice, baking powder and salt for about 5 minutes on high speed with a hand mixer until stiff. More information can be found in my post on vegan chocolate ice cream.
Aufgeschlagenes Aquafaba sieht wie Eischnee aus und hat auch dieselben Eigenschaften.
Whipped Aquafaba looks like beaten egg white and has the same properties.
  • Fold the whipped aquafaba into the basil-yogurt mixture. Do not stir, so that the air does not escape again.
Für das Basilikum-Eis wird das aufgeschlagene Aquafaba unter das Basilikum-Kokos-Püree gehoben und in Dessertschalen gefüllt.
For the basil ice cream, the whipped aquafaba is lifted under the basil-coconut puree and filled into dessert bowls.

Pour the ice cream mixture into a container and in the freezer Freeze through for about 4 hours (small bowls) or 6 hours (large bowl).

Tips for making basil ice cream

  • The not yet opened Aquafaba by the way can also be freeze well. So whenever you use pulses for cooking, just freeze the collected water, then you always have a supply.
  • You can also make the basil parfait very nice with other types of ice cream in a dessert bowl combine. For example, I've done it with a vegan chocolate ice cream layered. The two types of ice cream are very easy to prepare in parallel and you can make more whipped aquafaba right away. Alternatively, you could also take fruity sorbets, such as a Raspberry sorbet or Cherry sorbet.
  • Very well the basil ice cream can be served with red fruits combine. Especially strawberries or raspberries. Recipes for a quick Strawberry sauce you can also find on my blog. A great variant is also to heat the strawberries or raspberries in a pan and mix with Balsamic vinegar to extinguish.
Basilikum-Eis mit Himbeer-Balsamico Topping ist geschmacklich eine tolle Kombination.
Basil ice cream with raspberry balsamic topping is a great combination in terms of taste.

Another recipe with aquafaba is the vegan chocolate ice cream. In addition, I have also tried many recipes with coconut yogurt, which I also want to recommend to you. Among them are a vegan Heidelberg ice cream, Frozen yoghurt and Ice cream confection from coconut yogurt.

I have many more vegan recipes that you should definitely try out.

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