What is a sorbet? A short overview

Sorbets are available in many different flavours
Sorbets are available in many different flavours

A little history beforehand

Sorbet is a very old way of making ice cream. Already in the Antiquity slaves fetched ice from the mountains. That which was not melted at the end was mixed with fruits or spices and thus represents the Preform of the sorbets dar.

At that time it was still called Shear bed. The word means "drink" and has its roots in the Persian and Turkish languages. If you want to learn a little more about the history of ice cream, you can do so in my article "How ice cream was invented" read up.

The sorbet of today

In Italian it is called sorbetto. We use the French term "sorbet". In fine dining, sorbet is often served as Intermediate course in the menu, to serve as a loosener and neutralizer. But also as Dessert it's very popular.

Raspberry sorbet in the ice cream machine before the freezing process
Raspberry sorbet in the ice cream machine before the freezing

There are exact Guidelineswhat a sorbet can and cannot contain these days:

  • it must consist of at least 25% Fruit/vegetable content exist
  • in the case of citrus fruits and very intensive vegetables, the proportion may be reduced to 15% and 10%, respectively
  • there are also other variants, whereby the main ingredient, the sorbet, gives the name to the sorbet (e.g. champagne sorbet)
  • it may Protein be added
  • it may, however no milk or cream be present

Since sorbets do not contain any dairy products, this type of ice cream is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers or people with Lactose intolerance popular. Various Ice cream recipes without milk or also vegan recipes you can find here with me.

At Sorbet recipes are the Fantasy no limits are set. Especially if you make your own ice cream, you can try many unusual combinations. In the ice cream parlors there are now often more unusual variants such as basil sorbet. Should you like such sorbets, then I can give you my recipe for a refreshing apple celery sorbet which can also be served very well as an intermediate course.

The Classics but are still Strawberry-, lemon, Raspberry- or Mango sorbet. In the future, in addition to the classic varieties, I will also present you with unusual recipes, such as a very nice recipe for a creamy chocolate sorbet.

Blueberry sorbet served with blueberries
Blueberry sorbet blueberry dressed

Difference Sorbet and Granita

One type of ice cream that is sometimes confused with sorbet is the granite or the Granita. Granitas, unlike sorbet, are more coarse-grained. During freezing, the ice sheet is only crushed, for example with a fork. This creates larger ice crystals. Granita is a type of ice cream that only in freezer and not in the ice cream machine may be produced. Why not try a Cucumber granita with mint or a Mulled wine ice cream for Christmas.

The Granita is produced in the freezer and is very coarse-grained in contrast to the sorbet
The Granita is produced in the freezer and is very coarse-grained in contrast to the sorbet


  1. Hello dear ice cream specialist, With which protein is a sorbeteis made, if egg white is added? May it also be milk protein? Lg from Swana

    1. Hello Susanna,

      here is meant whipped egg white from the chicken egg. It is there to make the sorbet more airy.
      If you go purely by definition, milk has no place in a sorbet. But of course, you are free to modify or test any recipe as you please. Why do you want to use milk protein?

      Have fun making sorbets and best regards back

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