Making ice cream without ice cream machine

Ein handelsübliches Gefrierfach reicht aus, um selber Eis herzustellen
A standard freezer is sufficient to make your own ice cream

The procedure to make ice cream without an ice cream maker is quite simple and you only need a freezer compartment, a Hand mixer* or a Whisk* and good arm muscles. This means that you can start immediately without an ice cream machine and make your own ice cream. However, this variant is more time-consuming and labor-intensive than with an ice cream machine.

Basic procedure

Making ice cream without an ice cream maker is very simple. You put the cooled ice mass into the Freezer and mixes the freezing mass regular with the hand mixer or whisk.

Step by step guide

  1. The freezer compartment should have a temperature of about -18°C (= typical *** freezer compartment).
  2. Pour the ice cream mixture into a container that is large or high enough to handle the mixture easily. There should be about 3 cm of air from the liquid level to the edge.
  3. After approx. 1 hour, check whether crystals are already forming. If so, then stir the ice well with the help of a whisk or a hand mixer until the crystals are broken and the mass is homogeneous again.
  4. This process is repeated every half hour. Depending on the amount of ice, this can take about 2 hours (i.e. 4 passes).
  5. Then leave the mixture in the freezer until it is uniformly firm but not hard (about 1-2 hours).
  6. Using a hand mixer or a stand mixer, briefly loosen the mixture again (1-2 minutes).
  7. If desired ingredients such as chocolate, Brittle or mix in nuts and freeze in a container with a lid or eat immediately.

Why do you need to stir regularly?

The ice mass begins to freeze. However, this does not happen evenly, but the Water content freezes and forms ice crystals, during the Sugar more viscous will. If Grease as for example with milk ice cream is contained, this small Beads. If the mass is not stirred the ice crystals become larger and thus the ice coarser. The fat partially prevents the crystals from growing larger, but not completely. This means that if you simply put the ice cream mass in the freezer, you would have ice cream in any case, but it would not be creamy and individual small islands of crystals, fat and sugar would form.

Eiskristalle werden durch das Rühren zerkleinert, damit das Eis cremiger wird
Ice crystals are crushed by stirring, so that the ice cream becomes creamier

In order to good texture to get the masses, the mass must therefore regularly stirred will be. This way the freezing ice mass intermixed and the Crystals into small pieces smash. The structure of ice cream without an ice cream machine will not be as fine as with an ice cream machine. The machine stirs constantly and scrapes the ice crystals as they form, whereas with a hand mixer you only smash the ice crystals every half hour. Therefore, without an ice cream machine, the ice cream will not be as fine, but it will still be good.

Tips for ice cream without ice cream maker

  • Some sweeter ice cream varieties are after the third run Less firm than before. You should not be irritated by this. Just follow the instructions and continue.
  • If the ice longer in the freezer is stored, then before eating it should be ca. 20 minutes in the refrigerator thawed.
  • You can also make the ice cream (without solid ingredients) before eating it. once again with the mixer loosen up.
  • When blending with a stand mixer, be sure to do this not too high speed or too long. Otherwise, the ice will melt again in some places. 1-2 minutes is usually enough.

So you can make all kinds of ice cream, which are also made with the ice cream maker. You will find many ice cream recipes without ice cream machine on my blog. Especially well suited are the Yogurt ice cream variations, which are best eaten immediately, whether made with or without an ice cream maker. You will find recipes for classic yogurt ice cream, Frozen yoghurt from Greek yoghurt or Quark ice cream.

But there are also Special ice cream varieties. The Granita for example, is only used in the freezer made and must not be put in the ice cream machine. Granitas consist of rather large ice crystals and resemble crushed water ice. The production is traditional in the freezer and mixing is done with a Forkso as not to break the ice crystals too much. I can give you for example my Recipe for cucumber ice cream with mint or Grapefruit sorbet recommend to try the granita making.

The Parfait whereas Without stirring frozen in the freezer. That means you can save yourself the effort. For example, look at my recipes for Tiramisu ice cream or Marzipan parfait an.

If you are are thinking about To buy ice cream machine, then it is worth compared to ice cream from the ice cream parlour rather fast. After my Invoice usually already in the 1st year the acquisition! I have read about a recommended Ice machines with compressor already written articles, but of course you can also get a Ice cream machine without compressor* to buy. Mostly you will already find between 30 - 50 euros.

Of course, the freezer is definitely the cheapest option. For this, the ice cream with an ice cream maker becomes creamier and is ready in only half an hour.

If you still wanted to buy ice cream in the ice cream parlor, I have written an article for you, how to recognize a really good ice cream parlor.

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