Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled Ice Cream hübsch arrangiert mit Himbeeren in einer Eiswaffel. Im Hintergrund ist die Eisplatte zu sehen.(Bild mit freundlicher Genehmigung von DJ Ice Rolls)
Rolled Ice Cream nicely arranged with raspberries in an ice cream cone. In the background you can see the ice cream slab.
(Image courtesy of DJ Ice Rolls)

Rolled ice cream, rolled ice cream or ice cream rolls is a relatively new trend on the ice cream parlor scene, conquering the hearts of ice cream lovers around the world over the past 10 years. In particular the Manufacturing processThe fans are very enthusiastic about the new "Live" event.

Even if at first you think that this ice cream can only be found in special ice cream parlors or as a showstopper at markets and fairs, it can be also do it yourself at home. What you need and my thoughts about it, you will learn in this article.

First of all, I am still in the discovery and trial phase, of which I would like to tell you here. If you have already made experience with the roll ice cream production, then let me gladly share in the comments.


What is rolled ice cream?

Rolled Ice Cream has its Origin in Thailand. There it is called "ai-tim phat" (translated "scraped ice cream"). The production of rolled ice cream has become a tradition in Thailand. Art form have become.

The ice cream vendors conjure up the ice cream directly in front of the customers on a cooled Stainless steel plate. Since the ice cream mass with ingredients are chopped and spread again and again until the consistency is right. Finally, the frozen ice cream mass is spread thinly, rolled up and arranged. It takes only about 2 to 3 minutes, but has its own fascination.

In 2015, the trend spilled into New York City and quickly spread across the US and Europe. The main reason for the success of Rolled Ice Cream is the fact that it's so beautiful to look at and offers so many variations.

Simple basic recipe, a thousand variations

The basic recipe for Rolled Ice Cream consists of only a few ingredients. You need as with any ice cream base Cream, milk, sugar.

At Aldi there is a Recipe for rolled ice cream, which reads well. Through the egg you have the advantage that it becomes creamier and can also be rolled well. Alternatively, you can also use my Basic recipe for parfait use.

If you ovuleless If you want to get by, you can use Base mass also take 60 g of cream and 30 g of sweetened condensed milk.

Extras such as fruit, vanilla, coconut flakes, sprinkles or cookies lead to an ice cream that can be customized.

What do you need to make rolled ice cream?

A wide variety of articles explain that Rolled Ice Cream can also be made quite simply on a uncoated sheet metal or glass plate can do. However, I think not that this is a good method and rather spoils the production of Rolled Ice Cream.

This already starts with very practical things. My Freezer compartment is not big enoughto freeze a larger sheet. For this you need rather a freezer.

The smaller your freezer, the less surface area you have and the less ice you get out. If we start from a normal freezer compartment going out you end up getting Rolled Ice Cream in the Order of magnitude of about one ice cream scoop out (50 -70 g). For one person and the small hunger this may be okay. But if you Several people want to make happy, this variant is unsuitable.

In addition, each time you would have to wait until the tray and the ice cream mass cold enough again are. So not suitable for family celebrations or children's birthdays. If you are looking for a funny idea for this, you can also simply Make ice cream in bag and everyone has to prove how long they can shake 😉 .

Another point in favor of a self-cooling device is that it is very important for rolling the right temperature to reach. If the ice cream mass is still too warm, you tend to push it in front of you. If it is too cold, the roll will break easily or not make an ice roll at all.

Whether you decide to use the sheet metal method or purchase your own equipment. It is essential to properly good spatula to use for chopping, spreading and rolling. Without a sharp edge and flat tapered spatula, it will be very difficult to make beautiful ice rolls. With self-cooling devices, these spatulas are usually included.

Therefore I am just thinking about getting a Device with compressor to purchase. According to the Aldi website, it should be available in June one ice roll plate give. Maybe this is the opportunity to test the whole thing? I will definitely take a closer look at the machine. Unfortunately, I have not yet found any information about the offer. But purely visually it could be the same ice plate, which is also used here by DJ Ice Rolls tested was built and makes a very good impression.

DJ Ice Rolls verwendet eine ganz besondere Eisplatte zur Herstellung, die sich drehen kann. Für den heimischen Gebrauch eignen sich einfache Geräte.(Bild mit freundlicher Genehmigung von DJ Ice Rolls)(Bild mit freundlicher Genehmigung von DJ Ice Rolls)
DJ Ice Rolls uses a very special ice plate for production, which can rotate. Simple devices are suitable for home use.
(Image courtesy of DJ Ice Rolls)

Tips for the optimal ice roll

During my research, I have already come across the following tips, which I do not want to withhold from you.

You must use the right time for the rolling. When the ice cream mass changes from the creamy state to the frozen state, you should start rolling. You can tell by the fact that the Surface frozen is. However, you should not keep the ice cream at this temperature for too long, otherwise it will become too crystalline.

For rolling it is very important that the Spatula at 45 degree angle set will.

Ein typischer Eisbecher mit Roll-Eis, wie man ihn in Rolled Ice Cream Läden bekommt.
A typical sundae with rolled ice cream, like you get in Rolled Ice Cream stores.


Rolled Ice Cream is a new trend on the ice cream parlor scene, which is also easily made at home can be. With a few simple ingredients, you can create your own unique flavor. Especially with Family celebrations and children's birthday parties this is a real highlight. However, I am convinced that for this you need a self cooling device and does not get along with baking tray and Co. I will report on my further research and tests.

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