Buy an ice cream machine: Yes or no?

Should I get a ice cream machine increase or submits Freezer? And if I decide to buy an ice machine, should I buy a self-cooling one - that is, with compressor - or one without compressor?

These are the questions that come to each of you at the beginning. There are for all variants advantages and disadvantages. In the following, I will briefly describe the different ways of making ice cream myself and end with a comparison and decision-making aid. So everyone can easily come to the right decision for themselves.

Ice making without ice machine in the freezer

Eis im Gefrierfach herstellen ist eine Alternative zu einer Eismaschine
Making ice cream in the freezer is an alternative to an ice cream machine

The procedure is quite simple, but somewhat time-consuming. The cooled ice cream mass is placed in a Vessel in the freezer put. The mass begins to freeze. However, the mass must be Mix well on a regular basis. This breaks the crystals into small pieces. This usually takes approx. 4 hours and it must be stirred every 30 minutes. The Structure is admittedly not so fine, as with an ice cream maker, but it is still good. One Step by step guide I have also put online.

In this way, all types of ice cream can be made. One type of ice cream that is definitely made in the freezer and must not be used in the ice cream machine is the Granita. This consists of rather large ice crystals and resembles smashed water ice.

SummaryWith this option, you do not have to buy an ice cream maker. On the other hand, it takes a few hours for the ice cream to be ready and you have to keep doing steps in between. So it is not a quick method and you are also somewhat tied up. In addition, the ice cream is not as creamy as with an ice cream machine.

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Ice making with the ice cream machine

Ice cream machines offer the great advantage that the Mixing continuous happens and the Freezing process fast takes place. This makes the crystals particularly small. This affects the consistency and structure and the ice cream becomes creamier. In addition, it is less costly and faster than the variant in the freezer. The cooled ice cream mass is put into the ice cream machine and after no more than one hour (usually rather 30 minutes) the ice cream is ready.

What's the deal with the compressor?

Beispiel für eine Eismaschine mit Kompressor: der Gefrierbehälter wird durch den Kompressor herunter gekühlt
Example of an ice cream machine with compressor: the freezing container is cooled down by the compressor

There is Ice machines with compressor* and without compressor. In the former, the tank is compressed by the surrounding Device by means of cooling technology cooled down. This has the advantage that the device can be used immediately and you can make several varieties in a row.

At Ice machines without compressor* must be the Containerwhich contains a freezing agent, previously in the Freezer compartment at least 8 hours be frozen. Accordingly, it requires a certain Advance planning or you need a freezer compartment large enough to store the container in it permanently. However, you can usually only make one type and then you have to freeze the container again. Sometimes the freezing capacity of the refrigeration unit is not even enough until the very end of the manufacturing process.

The great advantage of the ice machines without compressor is the Very favorable price and usually the lower space requirement. In the table below you can see the advantages and disadvantages of the different manufacturing variants once again summarized.

Comparison of the different manufacturing variants

  Freezer Ice cream machine without
Ice cream machine with compressor
Ice structure (creaminess) well very welloptimal
Number of varieties in one run several (depending on the size of the freezer compartment) aseveral
Applicable directly Container must be frozen at least 8 hours in advance directly
Duration of ice making up to 4 hours (with work steps every 30 minutes) 0.5 - 1 hour 0.5 - 1 hour
Space requirements in the kitchen no additional low Relatively large
Costs no additional 30-100 Euro from 200 euro

Decision support: ice cream machine or freezer?

I have made two or three statements for each of the questions. Answer for yourself which of the statements is most likely to apply to you. The answer (ice cream maker with compressor, ice cream maker without compressor, freezer) that comes up most often is the right choice for you.

1. for how many people and how often do I want to make ice cream?

"I want to make larger quantities of ice cream more often"
If you want to produce the average 8 litres per person per year (i.e. approx. once a month in summertime), it is worthwhile to purchase a ice cream machine with or without compressor*. Especially if you are a multi-person household. For this I have a Calculation in a separate article.

"I rarely want to make ice cream"
If you only want to produce ice cream rarely and in small quantities (i.e. 1-3 times a year), then the Freezer.

2. how important is the creaminess of the ice cream to me?

Die Cremigkeit deines Eises wird deutlich besser mit einer Eismaschine
The creaminess of your ice cream will be much better with an ice cream machine

"My ice cream absolutely has to be creamy"
If creaminess is a must, then you come to the purchase of a ice cream machine* is not over. Due to the constant stirring process, the crystals become much smaller and more air is introduced into the mass.

"Creaminess is not so important to me"
If you are mainly interested in having a delicious, cold dessert that can also be a bit more crystalline, then this is enough for you. Freezer.

3. do I want to produce several varieties one after the other?

"When I eat ice cream, I want different flavors at once"
If you want to produce several varieties, it is worthwhile to Ice cream machine with compressor*. However, the varieties must be produced one after the other and stored temporarily in the freezer.
Ice machines without compressor* are usually not immediately reusable after a grade and are therefore not suitable.
At Freezer you can also make several varieties. Here it depends on the size of the freezer compartment and how much space you have in it.

"One type of ice cream is usually enough for me"
At Ice machines without compressor you can usually make only one kind of ice cream. Then the container must first be frozen again for 8 hours. But also Ice machines with compressor* or the Freezer are a possibility here.

4. what is the maximum amount of money I want to spend?

Für eine Eismaschine kann man von 30 bis mehrere tausend Euro ausgeben
For an ice cream machine you can spend from 30 to several thousand euros

"I'm a little short of cash"
If you do not want to spend extra money, you can get good ice cream without problems in the Freezer manufacture.

"I can spend a little money"
If you want to spend a maximum of 100 euros, you can get a Ice cream machine without compressor* acquire.

"Money is not an issue for me"
With a little more money (from about 200 Euro) you can get a very good Ice cream machine with compressor* buy. In the middle price segment are, for example, the ones that I use Nemox Gelatissimo* and the Cuisinart ICE100E*. Starting at approx. 800 Euros, the top devices such as the Cube 750 or the Musso Lussino* an.

5. Do I prefer to make ice cream spontaneously or do I like to plan in advance?

Einige Leute planen im Voraus, was es an den einzelnen Tagen einer Woche zu Essen gibt
Some people plan in advance what to eat on each day of a week

"If I fancy ice cream, I have to have one straight away"
Spontaneous ice cream cravings can only be satisfied with a Ice cream machine with compressor* meet.

"I like to plan in advance what I'm going to have the next day"
At Ice machines without compressor* you have to know the day before that you want to make ice cream. Unless you have such a large freezer that you can keep the container there permanently.

"I can wait a few hours for my ice cream"
The Freezer is a good option if you can wait four hours for your ice and also have time in between to break through the ice.

6. do I have space in my kitchen?

Der Platz in deiner Küche ist ein weiterer wichtiger Faktor für deine Entscheidung
The space in your kitchen is another important factor for your decision

"My kitchen is a bit cramped"
With little space in the kitchen actually remains only the Freezer or a Ice cream machine without compressor*. The ice cream maker without compressor can be stowed away if necessary and does not need to get a permanent place on the countertop.

"I have enough space in my kitchen"
If you have an area available for a device of 40 x 40 cm on average, then without any problems you can make a Ice cream machine with compressor* set up. It is better if such machines are permanently in one place. As a rule, the manufacturer does not recommend moving the machine, since tilting the machine may cause the coolant to be distributed differently and you should wait a certain time before you can use it again. Otherwise, this allegedly reduces the service life of the machine.

I hope I was able to help you figure out the right ice cream making option for you. But no matter what you decide, in any case you need the right ingredients for making ice cream.

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