Ice base for milk ice: substitute for egg yolk in ice

The ice base looks rather unspectacular, but gives our ice cream a wonderful texture even without an egg.
The ice base looks rather unspectacular, but gives our ice cream a wonderful texture even without an egg.

The ice cream base gives our ice cream a beautiful, creamy texture and makes it possible to avoid adding raw egg yolk. Otherwise, when using eggs, a pasteurisation step is necessary to minimise the risk of salmonella poisoning.

Even if some of the ingredients listed may sound unusual at first glance, all components except the skimmed milk powder are different sugars and vegetable substances. An explanation follows below.

Ingredients for the ice base

  • 45g inulin
  • 45g skimmed milk powder
  • 170g dextrose (= dextrose powder)
  • 1g locust bean gum
  • 2g guar gum


Even if it is not a great art, here is a small instruction how to make the ice base:

  • Weigh all ingredients. Especially the small quantities of locust bean gum and guar gum should be weighed as accurately as possible.
  • Place in an airtight container and mix well by shaking intensively.

50 g ice base are needed for 500 g ice.

What are these substances in the ice base and what are they doing in my ice cream?


For example, inulin is contained in chicory.
For example, inulin is contained in chicory.

Inulin is a mixture of different sugar components and is often used as a prebiotic additive. This means that it is indigestible, but has a positive effect on the intestinal flora. It is found in various plants, e.g. in chicory or Jerusalem artichoke. Inulin does not influence the sugar level, so it is also suitable for diabetics.

With inulin we can save a certain amount of fat and sugar.

Skimmed milk powder

This is dehydrated milk. This makes it very easy to increase the dry matter in the ice. This changes the texture and makes the ice cream creamier.


Dextrose or also glucose is a naturally occurring carbohydrate. It leads to an improvement in the structure of ice cream and at the same time has a lower sweetening power than normal household sugar.

Locust bean gum

This is made from the ground seeds of the carob tree. It is a natural stabiliser and emulsifier. Locust bean gum prevents the formation of large ice crystals. There is an E-number (E410) for this. However, you should not be confused by this, as it is approved without restriction for organic products.

Guar gum

It works very similar to Johanissbrotkernmehl and is a natural thickener and emulsifier. Guar gum is obtained from the seeds of the guar bean. It also has an E-number (E412) and is approved for organic products.

Tips for the ice base

  • The powder must be mixed well before each use to obtain a uniform result.
  • Dextrose can be bought in every major supermarket and is usually on the shelf next to the sugar.
  • Inulin, skimmed milk powder, locust bean gum and guar gum are now available in well-stocked health food stores or organic supermarkets. Alternatively, the individual components can also be ordered in online shops for baking ingredients.

A nice creamy vanilla ice cream made with the ice cream base.
A nice creamy Vanilla Ice Creamthat was made with the ice base.

The ice base for milk ice cream is used for example for my Vanilla Ice Cream recipe or at the Chocolate ice cream.


  1. Hello,
    thank you very much for this interesting and informative site and the ice base!
    Since I am on a low carb diet, I would now like to replace the dextrose with xylitol powdered sugar. Is this possible and if so, could it be done 1 to 1?
    Many greetings,

  2. Hello,
    some time ago I had asked if the dextrose can be replaced with xylitol powdered sugar. I just tried this and it works great! I tried your vanilla ice cream recipe and it is sooo delicious and creamy and creamy! I have added chocolate chips for my child 😉
    Many thanks for these great recipes and greetings from Berlin,

    1. Hello, Masya,

      thank you very much for your feedback and comments. I am very sorry that I am only now answering. I'm still a little WordPress freshman but I missed your comments. In the future this will not happen again. 😉

      This is a great tip with the xylitol for those who want to reduce sugar. I have also tested ice cream recipes with xylitol instead of sugar, but they did not really convince me. But I have not really tried to change the ice cream base. I will definitely test that. Thank you very much for this suggestion and many greetings to Berlin.

  3. I have added to my milk ice cream i.e. 500ml milk 4,6% raw milk taken from the farm then 400ml cream 5 tablespoons sugar 10g dry egg
    3 spoons of banana flavour the whole on the stove on 60c heated up approx. 10min.
    Then taken off and a pinch of salt underneath
    And then I put it into my pre-cooled UNOLD ice machine.
    A dream

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