9 tips on how to recognise a really good ice cream parlour

Es ist nicht immer einfach, eine wirklich gute Eisdiele auf den ersten Blick zu erkennen.
It is not always easy to recognize a really good ice cream parlor at first sight.

There are no figures on how many ice cream parlors actually make their own ice cream by hand. Often you read on signs the words "homemade" or "Ice cream from own production". But is it really true? Unfortunately these terms are not exactly defined and also Not protected. So that means anyone can use them. And when you get right down to it, sometimes it's not even really a lie, because the ice cream may actually be made in house, but ready-made mixes were still used in the ice cream parlor. Nowadays, you can buy ice cream mixes in all sorts of varieties, which are transformed into the different types of ice cream by adding flavoring and additives.

How can I tell if an ice cream parlor makes its own ice cream, and of good quality?

I want to give you a few tips that can help you find a good ice cream parlor. Some of these points can not be clearly judged in a few minutes, but you actually have to observe the ice cream parlor for some time and subject it to close scrutiny.

Evaluations on the Internet a useful criterion?

You can rely on the ratings on the Internet sorry for not leaving. For one thing, ice cream is Cold and their influence on the sense of taste difficult to judge. Especially if you do not know which points to pay attention to. More about this below.

On the other hand, evaluations of food and eating are always strongly dependent on the Relationship level. This means that if I am always treated nicely at the ice cream parlor around the corner, I automatically rate the ice cream better.

The visual impact is also not to be underestimated. Because if the ice cream is beautifully presented, I also assume that it will taste very good.

In the following, I have compiled 9 points that will definitely help you in the future to better classify ice cream parlors and to find a really good ice cream parlor for you.

9 things you should pay attention to

  1. Piled up ice is a bad sign - right or wrong?
  2. Assess freshness and quality of varieties
  3. Natural appearance and taste of ice cream
  4. Fewer varieties are better
  5. Changing varieties and species according to season
  6. How long has the ice cream parlour been open?
  7. Bad location of the ice cream parlor and still it runs
  8. Hygiene in the ice cream parlour and display case
  9. Unusual types of ice cream cost more

1. piled up ice is a bad sign - right or wrong?

Aufgetürmtes Eis über die Kühlbehälterkante hinaus kann ein schlechtes Zeichen sein.
Ice piled up beyond the edge of the cooling container can be a bad sign.

It is often claimed that piled up ice, a clear indication of Ready mixes is. But it's not that simple.

When the ice piles up and also over the whole day its fluffy, in frozen, creamy waves lying appearance retains, one should become skeptical. Often this is a sign that much has been done with Binders or ready mixes are used. This, in turn, would be a bad sign for the quality of the ice cream offered.

However, it is quite possible that the ice cream parlor has a Special cooling technology so that the ice not only comes from below, but also also cooled from above becomes. Thus, the persistent shape would be of natural origin and also an indication that the ice cream parlor invests in very good cooling technology. An indication of this may be a Marking strips on the side glass of the display case, which shows where the cooling goes. This one is not particularly noticeable, so you have to look closely. Of course, you can also simply use the Ask personnel. Everyone in the company is certainly very proud of such a special refrigerated display case and gladly tells that they use such a model. If, on the other hand, the staff looks at you uncomprehendingly, you can safely tick off this ice cream parlor.

2. evaluate freshness and quality of the varieties

You can recognize a freshly made ice cream by its taste and consistency. Can you feel when you eat larger ice crystalsthe ice cream is usually already older. Of course, this criterion may only be applied to ice cream that should contain small ice crystals such as milk ice or sorbets. A granita should consist of crushed ice, that is, contain large pieces of ice. But this is offered rather rarely in our country.

Große Eiskristalle im Eis oder Kristallbildung auf der Eisoberfläche sind ein schlechtes Zeichen
Large ice crystals in the ice or crystallization on the ice surface are a bad sign

Also Water crystals on the surface of the varieties indicate that the ice cream was taken out of the freezer and put back in again more frequently. Everyone knows this from their own freezer. The temperature differences cause condensation to form, which then freezes and forms a layer of ice.

Some larger Ice cream parlour chains have only one ice cream kitchen and distribute the ice cream to the different locations after production. This means that the ice pre-produced and temporarily stored must be made. As a result, the quality suffers. Smaller ice cream parlors with own production directly at the location have the advantage that the ice cream freshly produced and reaches the customer without much detour.

3. natural appearance and taste of the ice creams

Knallige oder ungewöhnliche Farben sprechen für die Verwendung von Farbstoffen
Bright or unusual colours speak for the use of dyes

We have certain ideas about how ice cream should look like. Children in particular are quick to respond to very bright colours, but adults are not immune to them either. However, the rule is that the more intense the colour of the individual types of ice cream, the more likely it is that Dyestuffs worked. The natural coloring may not always be an eye-catcher at first, but it speaks for the High quality the ice cream parlor.

You can see this very clearly from the Colour of the Pistachio ice creamwho are more likely greenish brown than should be bright green. Also Strawberry ice cream should rather be a subdued red show as bright, intense red. Furthermore Vanilla ice cream more cream white than too much of a yellowish one.

In Vanilleeis kann Kaffeesatz gemischt sein, um echte Vanille zu imitieren
Vanilla ice cream from finished products may contain coffee grounds mixed to imitate real vanilla

Speaking of Vanilla ice cream: here may of course the small black dots do not miss. Because vanilla ice cream should definitely be made with real vanilla. And also here you can enjoy finished products do not be fooled. For the vanilla additive for the purchased base mass can be, in addition to colorant and flavoring, also Coffee grounds be mixed in. Yes, you read that right. A waste product is added to trick the customer. But a closer look reveals the difference. The coffee grounds consist of brown particles, while the Vanilla from small black seeds exists. At the latest when you at dinner the silent Cracking feels, you can be sure that real vanilla has been used.

Anyway, you should concentrate much more on what happens in the mouth. This works very well if you with closed eyes on the taste and consistency in your mouth. How does the ice cream feel in your mouth? Is it creamy and are the ice crystals nice and small? Does the ice cream have a fine, natural taste? In the case of milk ice cream, does it leave a light greasy film in the mouth? Do the ice creams taste different or are they all kind of the same?

4. fewer varieties are better

If an ice cream parlor makes its own ice cream by hand, then this is only possible to a certain extent. This can only be an indication of the ice cream parlor's own production, because it is highly dependent on how large the ice cream parlor is and the number of employees and ice cream machines. As a rule, it can be assumed that a Ice cream parlour can produce a maximum of about 20 types of ice cream fresh and homemade. This is still feasible in terms of time - unless, as I said, there is a very large team with a corresponding kitchen behind it. This means that Ice cream parlors with a rather small selection, most likely to make their own ice cream.

5. changing varieties and species according to season

A reference to in-house production can also be the Assortment deliver. A Basic stock of ice cream varieties will always exist, because the conventional varieties such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are simply too popular not to offer them. But as a rule change a few types of ice cream over and over again. If an ice cream parlor works with ready-made products, this is not necessary, because at any time all varieties can be made from the basic mass with the appropriate flavor and additives. If an ice cream parlor Fruit types according to season offers, this is also a very good sign. Because it means that fruits and fruits are bought when they are ripe. Rhubarb Rice would be an example of a variety that is in season in the first half of the year.

Rhabarber gibt es vor allem in der ersten Jahreshälfte. Selbst hergestelltes Rhabarbereis sollte also auch nur dann angeboten werden.
Rhubarb is available mainly in the first half of the year. Homemade, fresh rhubarb ice cream should therefore only be offered then.

6. how long has the ice cream parlor been open?

Ice cream parlors that have been around for a long time have stood the test of time. Especially in larger cities with a lot of competition, a Ice cream parlour with tradition a good indication of the quality on offer here.

This is not always easy to find out. Some ice cream parlors advertise their long existence. However, you still can't be quite sure that there isn't Change of ownership gave. A little information can actually be gleaned here from the Internet ratings draw to the ice cream parlor. As mentioned above, it's best to ignore the reviews for the ice cream parlor itself, but look a little closer at the dates and the text of the reviews. How long have there been reviews for the ice cream parlor? Only recently or have they been around for years? Has there been a recent dip in reviews or does the text actually say something about a change in ownership? The people who take the time to write reviews are usually surprisingly well informed here.

7. bad location of the ice cream parlor and still it runs

Eine Schlange vor einer Eisdiele insbesondere in einer nicht so guten Lage, ist ein gutes Zeichen.
A queue in front of an ice-cream parlor, especially in a not so good location, is a good sign.

In the pedestrian zone or in highly frequented locations, it is easier for an ice cream parlor to keep its head above water with walk-in customers. Here, it is not so important to retain customers with high quality and freshness. Ice cream parlorswho Good inflow even in worse locations are an insider tip. Because this means that customers take the detour to buy their ice cream at exactly this ice cream parlour.

8. hygiene in the ice cream parlour and display case

In general one should Overall impression from the ice cream parlor. Is everything clean and tidy? How much do you like Hygiene respected? The time-honored saying that a restaurant's restroom says a lot about the establishment can also apply.

If you only want to take a look at the street sales, then you should take a look at the Display take a closer look. Is care taken to ensure that even later in the day everything is duly looks like? In an ice cream parlor should also no decoration lying around, which becomes a dust collector.

Der Eisportionierer sollte unter fließendem Wasser gereinigt werden.
The ice cream scoop should be cleaned under running water.

The Ice cream scoops is also a very good indication. It should be between each type of ice cream and under Running water be cleaned. A cup of water in which the portioner is repeatedly immersed is a stove for pathogens. Some ice cream parlors have an installation that allows easy rinsing with water when the portioner is pressed against it.

9. unusual types of ice cream cost more

What irritates or perhaps even annoys many customers at first can be a further indication of quality. Namely, when for certain types of ice cream a higher price is demanded. Of course, this should only concern varieties that really contain an expensive ingredient. Then the price of a ball can quickly be around 10-20% more. An example of this is Pistachio ice creamwhich is particularly expensive to produce because of the price of pistachios. However, some ice cream parlors shy away from actually selling price-intensive varieties more expensively in order not to upset their customers and make a mixed calculation.

Pistazieneis kann mehr kosten, da das Grundprodukt deutlich teurer ist. Dies ist ein HInweis auf Eigenherstellung.
Pistachio ice cream can cost more because the basic product is much more expensive. This is a reference to in-house production.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helps you find a delicious ice cream parlor near you. If you have any experience with the points above, I would be happy if you leave a comment. Maybe you have other tips on how to find a really good ice cream parlor?

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