Ice cream maker app: invent a recipe!

Maybe you always wanted to Create your own ice cream recipebut you didn't know how? PAC, POD and accounting scare you or you have never heard of them?

If you want to read again briefly what the Basics for ice cream production then check out my article about it.

There are some Spreadsheets in the vastness of the net, which are more or less publicly available. But many shy away from using them or find them too complicated. I can certainly understand that, because most of it is unclear and not exactly intuitive to use.

In this post I have therefore created a very special tip for you!

For those of you who want to try your own flavor and invent your own ice cream, I recommend the Elke - ice maker App from Christoph. We got to know each other through ice cream production and I was allowed to test his app early on.

Die Elke - Eismacher App bietet euch viele Möglichkeiten, um eure eigenen Rezepte zu kreieren und euch mit anderen Eismachern auszutauschen.
The Elke - Eismacher App offers you many possibilities to create your own recipes and to exchange with other ice cream makers.

All I can say is the ice cream maker app is really great and I don't know anything that is comparable good and easy to use and in addition also free. Christoph has a lot of heart and soul into its Elke - Ice Maker App put, so that really everyone can create their own ice cream and that both for Apple- as well as Android devices.

From the app design, to the ability to create your own avatar, to the image selection for the recipes you create. There is simply many small detailsthat indicate that someone here wanted to create something that is fun to use.

How does the Elke - Ice Maker app work?

At the beginning you have to make a few decisions. For example, do you want to make a milk ice cream, sorbet or vegan ice cream? What ingredients do you want to use? Do you want a recipe with egg or without?

As soon as you Step by step clicked through, calculates a Wizard automatically the recipe. The amount of ingredients is calculated so that, according to the usual criteria, a consistent ice cream is created. That means the app does all the math for you.

Christoph did the extra work, YouTube videos to create, in which he explains, how to use the app. You can find the instructions under Elke App Tutorial.

A few impressions from the Ice Maker App

In the Elke Eismacher App are already created a lot of ingredients. If you are now wondering where to find the special ice cream ingredients, such as dextrose and glucose.I have written an overview article on this topic. But you can also enter your own ingredients. To do this, you need to research a few key data, otherwise the calculator can not calculate the recipe. But usually you can find all this information on the Internet.

In der Elke - Eismacher App gibt es über 90 Zutaten, aus denen ihr wählen könnt. Oder ihr legt eure eigene Zutat an.
In the Elke - Eismacher app there are over 90 ingredients you can choose from. Or you can create your own ingredient.

Once the wizard has calculated the ice cream recipe, you can still change the quantities for the individual ingredients. Thereby automatically calculates in the background whether your values are still in the green range or not. A typical change could be that you want to increase the fruit content even more.

Die automatische Berechnung führt dazu, dass alle Werte im grünen Bereich sind. Ihr könnt aber die Einstellungen noch verändern, um einzelne Zutaten zu erhöhen oder zu verringern. Sobald das Rezept aus dem Gleichgewicht ist, wird es in rot angezeigt.
The automatic calculation results in all values being in the green range. However, you can still change the settings to increase or decrease individual ingredients. As soon as the recipe is out of balance, the bars turn red.

When you are satisfied with your recipe, you can save it. After that you will see the quantities for each ingredient. You can save the Always adjust recipe later. I think it is clear to everyone that just because the numbers are right, it does not necessarily have to be the optimum. As with any recipe, it depends on the nuances and only testing helps.

Over time, you'll get a feel for what tastes best to you. For example, I usually like a little more acid or fruit in my ice cream. In any case, the calculation is super easy with the app and it's an ideal starting point to implement and try out your own ice cream idea.

Wenn ihr mit eurem Rezept zufrieden seid, könnt ihr euch das Rezept mit den Gramm-Angaben anzeigen lassen.
When you are satisfied with your recipe, you can view the recipe with the grams.

The Elke - Ice Cream Maker app is also about networking with other people and Inspirations to get. To do this, you can create recipes on your own Pinboard present or copy from other publicly made pinboards. The more who join here, the better.

Note: To save ingredients and recipes a registration with mail address and password is required. Don't worry, your data is safe with Christoph.

Der Tutor hilft euch mit Erläuterungen zu verschiedenen Themen.
The tutor is a special section in the app that helps you with explanations on various topics.

I definitely didn't want to miss the opportunity to give Christoph's ice cream maker app a little more attention. Very few people can imagine how much work and effort goes into it. And Christoph is always working on improving this app.

I hope you'll still stay loyal to my site, even if you now have the opportunity to invent your own ice cream creations 😉 But I think it's interesting for everyone to see how much math and testing goes behind an ice cream recipe.

In any case, I would be very interested if you have invented a great recipe or tested the app. So feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. Hi Sabine,
    what a nice surprise!!! Thanks for featuring my app!!! Your site certainly won't be redundant!!! A great site with news and background info and inspiration!

    Currently, I still build some little things in / around which it should be easier to manage many recipes. Then it needs times a possibility to integrate the own recipes in a blog... e.g. 😀

    Many greetings and happy ice cream making!


    1. Hello Christoph,

      nice of you to stop by and thanks for the lovely comment 😀
      I'm looking forward to seeing what's new in your app and how everything will evolve.
      Really impressive what you have created!

      Kind regards

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