Ice cream base for sorbet from 5 ingredients

Making sorbet at home is not witchcraft. With the homemade ice cream base it is even easier. But read for yourself what you need to consider.

Die Eisbasis für Sorbet ist eine Mischung aus verschiedenen natürlichen Zutaten, hauptsächlich verschiedenen Zuckern.
The ice base for sorbet is a mixture of various natural ingredients, mainly different sugars.

What is ice base powder?

Ice base powder is a Mixture of different powders, to improve the texture and help you achieve a creamy ice cream or delicately melting sorbet. The ingredients contained in it minimize the formation of crystals, giving a smoother and creamier result. But do not worry, only natural ingredients are used!

If you have already read on my site, then you know that we need different sugars and ingredients to make the Ice texture to shape. Otherwise, you simply get a block of ice, as is so often known from water ice. Should you still be very fresh in the ice cream making, I can give you my Articles about the Basics of ice cream production and Ingredients for ice cream: where to buy? recommend. It explains what you need to know and why we need all these ingredients. Next below I will give you a brief outline of the ingredients used here.

For Milk ice cream I already have a Recipe for homemade ice base powder published. However, this contains skim milk powder and is not suitable for sorbets.

A warning beforehand: the ice base for sorbet is not so universal as the milk ice cream base. This is because, depending on the Fruit or main ingredient different amount of acid or sugar is included and the ice cream base cannot compensate for all combinations. With milk ice cream, on the other hand, the main ingredient is fairly constant milk and cream.

Ingredients for the ice cream base for sorbet

This mixture yields just over 1.5 kg and is sufficient for about 15 recipes per 4 servings.

Mixing the ice base powder

It is not difficult to mix the ice cream powder for sorbet. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • All ingredients must be weighed with a household scale weighed will be.
  • If you have individual ingredients that are clumped together, pass them through a Sieve to your ice base.
  • If you make less of the mixture and Quantities under 5 g for example, you want to weigh the locust bean gum and guar gum, you should use a Fine balance* use for this purpose.
  • The powder keeps in a airtight container very long. Before use it must be once intensively shaken be. If lumps form, add the ice cream base back to the ice cream mixture through a sieve.
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Application of ice cream base for sorbet

For the ice cream base for sorbet should be used for Fruit and fruits like strawberry, mango, raspberry, orange or honeydew melon following mixture can be chosen:

For 500 g of fruit/puree/clean fruit juice use

100 g ice base + 100 g Sugar* + 100 g water needed

Note that the composition depends on the Degree of ripeness and the sweetness of the fruit strongly dependent is! If you have very sour fruit, you need to add more sugar.

As Rule of thumb applies: the unfrozen ice mass should A little too sweet taste, then the sugar content is usually correct.

For sorbet we turn the cold preparation on. This means that you stir all ingredients together without heating until everything has dissolved well. If the ingredients do not dissolve well, you can carefully heat the mixture. But you should only work with low temperature.

What are these ingredients in the ice cream base and what are they doing in my ice cream?


Glucose is a sugar and is derived from starch. It helps to prevent the formation of large ice crystals and to reduce the Improve texture of the ice. Glucose is Less sweet than conventional sugar and can be used in larger quantities without making the product too sweet. In addition, glucose binds moisture and keeps the Ice cream longer soft and creamy.


Dextrose, also known as glucose, is a sugar found in fruits and often used in ice cream production. Dextrose plays a central role in the Structure and texture of the ice, by helping to prevent large ice crystals, resulting in a smoother consistency. Dextrose has a lower sweetness than conventional sugar. This means that you can use more of it to achieve the same freezing point reduction without making the ice cream overly sweet.


Inulin is found in various plants such as chicory or Jerusalem artichoke. It is a mixture of various sugar building blocks and a Prebiotic. It therefore has a positive effect on our intestinal flora, but for some people it can have rather "resounding consequences";) However, if you approach it slowly, your gut will get used to the intake and you will have done yourself some good at the same time. It is used in ice cream production as Texture improver.

Locust bean gum

Locust bean gum is a natural thickener, which is obtained from the seeds of the carob tree. It is often used in ice cream making to achieve a rich and creamy texture. Carob bean gum binds water and thus increases the viscosity of the ice cream mixture, which helps to achieve a uniform consistency. It also acts as a Stabilizer, to prevent the formation of ice crystals. It is odorless and tasteless, which means that it does not mask the flavors of the ice. It is approved without restriction for organic products.

Guar gum

Guar gum, another natural thickener and is extracted from the seeds of the guar bean. It is often used in ice cream production as it helps to thicken the Ice cream creamier to make. Guar gum has the ability to produce large amounts of Bind water, which contributes to the viscosity of the ice mass. It also ensures that the ice cream after thawing retains its Structure retains and does not decompose. It is also approved without restriction for organic products.

Die Eisbasis ist gut geeignet für Erdbeer-, Himbeer-, Orangen- und Melonen-Sorbet.
The ice cream base is well suited for strawberry, raspberry, orange and melon sorbet.

Conclusion and tips on ice cream base for sorbet

If you've been simply freezing fruit juice or fruit puree to make your sorbet, using this ice cream base can make your homemade sorbet to the next level lift. The Texture and mouthfeel are significantly better. In addition, when stored in the freezer, the sorbet becomes not so hard.

However, the ice cream base for sorbet not universally suitable for all ingredients. Because depending on how much fructose or acid an ingredient contains, the mixture may not be optimal.

So, should you notice that your Sorbet too hard is, then most likely missing Sugar for freeze inhibition. For sorbets you can also well (as far as possible) a sip of alcohol accommodate. This leads very simply to a softer consistency and better structure.

I myself fit Sorbet recipes prefer individual and calculate the individual components according to the respective main ingredient. If you do not have a suitable Sorbet recipe with me, then just try the Icemaker app of a friend. This app automatically calculates the appropriate composition for you. This gives you a better coordinated recipe. The effort is definitely worth it.

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