Vanilla ice cream eyeballs as Halloween dessert

Creepy vanilla ice cream eyeballs with strawberry sauce as Halloween dessert.
Creepy vanilla ice cream eyeballs with strawberry sauce as Halloween dessert.

On Halloween you can really let off steam with scary decorations. The same goes for food, of course, and for me that means especially with ice cream. Here I present you a guide for Eyeballs that not only creepy look, but also taste good. Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce and white chocolate is now once a classic combination as we also from the Spaghetti ice cream know and love.

The recipe can easily prepared will be. You can also prepare everything up to step 5 the day before. Children will certainly have fun helping with the preparations.

For the Halloween recipe you need not many ingredientswhich you can either buy at your local supermarket or order online. To make it easier for yourself, you can buy the ice cream too and do not produce it yourself. If you want to make your own ice cream, I recommend my Vanilla ice cream recipe or the Sugar-reduced variant.

Ingredients for vanilla ice cream eyeballs

Ingredients for 4 servings

Pre-cool the plates or bowls for later arrangement, in the freezer or refrigerator!

Step-by-step instructions

Needed time: 20 minutes.

  1. Making chocolate bowls for the eye sockets

    Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie and let it cool down a little until it is only hand-hot.
    Meanwhile, blow up eight balloons or fill them with water.
    Dip into the chocolate and place on a baking parchment in the freezer. If necessary, hold it briefly until a small base has formed. Then let it get really firm (about 5 minutes). Do not leave the balloons in the freezer for too long, otherwise the water will also become solid and break the shell.
    Stick a piece of tape onto a free area of each balloon and prick it with a needle at this point. This way the balloon will not burst with a bang, but will slowly get smaller. These are the eye sockets
    Place two of each of the chocolate eye sockets on the pre-cooled plates or bowls.Dip the balloons into the chocolate and when the chocolate is firm, stick a piece of sticky tape onto an uncovered surface.

  2. Place the eyeballs in the chocolate bowls

    Put one scoop of ice cream in each chocolate bowl and put it back in the freezer immediately.Put vanilla ice cream balls into the white chocolate bowls.

  3. Prepare the eye irises from chocolate

    Add about 2 tbsp. of the melted white chocolate to another bowl and colour with food colouring (green or blue).
    Paint circles with the coloured chocolate on baking paper and place a dark chocolate drop in the middle. Allow to set well before removing (in the freezer if necessary).Blue coloured chocolate with chocolate drops as eye irises.

  4. Prepare the strawberry sauce

    The Strawberry sauce according to my recipe. If you like it completely without sugar: puree the strawberries well after thawing (if necessary briefly in the microwave). However, the strawberry sauce should be cold before it comes into contact with the vanilla ice cream and chocolate.

    Up to this level, you can prepare everything the day before.

  5. Preparation of the eyeballs

    Paint the veins on the ice cream scoops with red sugar decoration. Paint light serpentines.
    Place the chocolate eye irises on top.
    Then arrange the strawberry sauce around the eyeballs and also put a few spots in the chocolate bowls. Make sure you hit the gap between the ice cream scoop and the bowls.
    With red sugar color veins are placed on the vanilla ice cream ball to imitate veins.

I wish you a happy Halloween and have fun with the creepy eyeballs.

The finished creepy eyeballs made from vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce.
The finished creepy eyeballs made from vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce.

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