Vanilla ice cream: simple recipe without egg

Vanilla ice cream with berry puffed rice arranged as a sandwich

This is a delicious alternative to the typical vanilla ice cream. This is because it is normally made with egg and has to be heated for a certain time and at a certain temperature. With this recipe you can save yourself the effort, because it comes our Ice base is used to give the ice cream a beautiful texture. This variant of vanilla ice cream is much easier to make and lighter than the well-known vanilla ice cream.

Ingredients vanilla ice cream

2 persons

200 ml milk
200 ml cream
4 tablespoons brown sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 vanilla pod
40 g Ice base


  • Milk, cream, sugar, salt, heat while stirring until just before boiling.
  • Scrape out the vanilla and add. Also add the scraped out pod to the liquid and mix well with a whisk.
  • Let the ice cream mixture cool for a few minutes and then add the ice cream base while stirring.
  • Now let it cool down to room temperature and then store it in the refrigerator. The longer the mixture has time to steep, the more intense the vanilla aroma will be. Therefore, it is best to store it in the refrigerator overnight or for several days.
  • Before freezing, remove the vanilla pod and briefly foam the ice cream mixture with a hand blender.
  • The Ice cream machine prepare and pre-cool for a few minutes depending on the model. Switch on the stirrer and add the ice cream mass (duration approx. 30 minutes).
  • Alternatively in freezer compartment Allow to freeze and mix well every 30 minutes with a hand mixer (total duration approx. 4 hours).

If you do not eat the ice cream on the same day but store it in the freezer, let it defrost in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Things to know about vanilla

  • The vanilla pod is the fruit of a particular genus of orchid, which is fermented in a time-consuming and labour-intensive process.
  • Today's vanilla comes mainly from Madagascar or Réunion, but the original growing area is Central America.
Réunion is definitely worth a trip - especially to stock up on vanilla
Réunion is definitely worth a trip - especially to stock up on vanilla
  • However, since the insects that are important for pollination are not present in today's main growing areas, the flower is pollinated by hand.
  • All in all, vanilla production is costly and subject to weathering, so that the price can fluctuate greatly from year to year.
  • My recommendation is to order a larger quantity of vanilla online and store it in an airtight package. I usually buy my vanilla in this Online Shop. At the moment, however, I am still drawing on the purchases made during our Réunion holiday.
  • When buying vanilla ice cream, you should be careful whether it actually contains real vanilla. Unfortunately, it is sometimes cheated and imitated with artificial flavour and coffee grounds. How you recognize the difference, you can read in my article "Nine tips on how to recognize a really good ice cream parlor" read up.


  1. Hello,

    I test or would like to try different vanilla ice cream recipes and have a question about the milk or cream content. Many recipes differ greatly here. What does a higher milk content or cream content do? Thanks.

    Many greetings,

    1. Hello, Sven,

      an ice cream recipe should always be within certain ranges for fat, water, sugar and dry matter. Too much is not too good and too little is not either. Now, milk and cream contribute not only to the water and fat content, but also to the sugar content and dry matter. Therefore, how much cream and milk to use can vary greatly from recipe to recipe. The whole recipe with all the ingredients must be coherent in the end. Some recipes may not be balanced at all and still work well. Especially if you eat the ice cream on the same day, you can deviate from the target values within a certain range.

      In the end, it's mainly a matter of taste how much cream and milk you use. So you'll probably have to try through different recipes to see which one tastes best to you personally. It's definitely not the worst challenge to choose from 😉.

      Kind regards

  2. Hello,

    how does the ice cream change if you change the milk/cream ratio e.g. more milk than cream?

    Many greetings,

    1. Hello, Sven,

      this changes the texture, consistency and thus also the feeling in the mouth. In particular, the fat content contributes positively to the structure and stability and also serves as a flavor carrier. On the other hand, too much fat is also not good. In the end, the whole recipe must be coherent and, above all, taste good to you.

      Kind regards

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