Vampire Fangs: a Halloween recipe with vanilla ice cream

Vampirzähne aus Marshmallows mit rosa gefärbten Vanille-Eis zu Halloween.
Vampire fangs from marshmallows with pink coloured vanilla ice cream for Halloween.

For Halloween, there are lots of fun recipes that look spooky. Here I would like to share with you a very simple and quick dessert with a couple of Biscuits, marshmallows and vanilla ice cream can be made and reminds vampire teeth. A nice finishing touch to any Halloween menu.

Either you do your Vanilla ice cream according to my recipe yourself or you buy vanilla ice cream in the supermarket. If you have a reduced sugar variant for vanilla ice cream then I have now also developed a great recipe for it. How you recognize good vanilla ice cream, you can read in my Articles about vanilla read up.

For all variants it is recommended to use the Vanilla ice cream in the freezer first a little firmer (preferably overnight), so that the ice cream does not melt on the cookie. If you want you can add the food coloring already before the freezing process.

Ingredients for vampire teeth

For 6 vampire bites for 2-3 people you need the following ingredients:

Assembling the Halloween dessert

The assembly of the vampire teeth is very fast. Always make sure to cool everything well. It's best to pre-chill the cookies in the fridge or freezer.

  • The self-produced or purchased Vanilla Ice Cream mix with red food colouring until a pink colour is obtained
  • Place a neat dollop of pink vanilla ice cream on each half of the cookies and chill in the freezer.
Rosa gefärbtes Vanille-Eis bildet die Grundlage für die Vampirzähne.
Pink colored vanilla ice cream is the base for the vampire teeth.
  • Use 6 marshmallows per set. Two of the marshmallows are cut into triangles. For some of the vampire teeth, I tried cutting the marshmallows in half lengthwise. Either variation works well. The more ice cream you put on the cookie, the sooner you should cut the marshmallows in half.
Die Marshmallows werden zum Teil zu Dreiecken geschnitten.
The marshmallows are partially cut into triangles.
  • Take the biscuits with the pink vanilla ice cream out of the freezer one by one.
  • Put on the vampire teeth. Always place two whole teeth between two tips (see picture above). Fill up the rest with more whole marshmallows.
  • Place another cookie on top and press down lightly.
  • If necessary, press the teeth back into the ice cream mixture a little.
  • Allow the dentures to set in the freezer.

If the dessert was in the freezer overnight, let it thaw in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes before serving.

If you want, you can imitate drops of blood on the pointed teeth with red sugar decorations (see picture below).

Other Halloween desserts I can recommend to you are. spooky vanilla ice cream eyeballs and cute black spiders with chocolate legs.

Die Vampirzähne können noch zusätzlich mit roter Zuckerschrift verziert werden, um Blutstropfen zu imitieren.
The vampire fangs can be additionally decorated with red sugar writing to imitate drops of blood.

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