Spider made of ice as Halloween dessert

The finished spider with legs made of mikado sticks and eyes of white and dark chocolate.
The finished spider with legs made of mikado sticks and eyes of white and dark chocolate.

For this spider I have black sesame ice cream is used. But you might as well Vanilla Ice Cream and put it into the ice cream mass before the freezing process 1 tablespoon of activated carbon give. You can get activated carbon at the pharmacy or in online shops. It colours the ice greyish to black. If you do not want to make your own ice cream, you can also Buy vanilla ice cream and black food colouring and form the spider's body.

The spiders themselves are easy and fast preparation and don't look so scary as long as you're not afraid of spiders. In fact, I think they're very cute. 🙂

You can also use this Halloween dessert prepare the day beforeif you have a freezer big enough.

Children also have great fun putting the spiders together. However, putting the legs together can be a muddy affair if the ice is still too hard or already too soft.

Ingredients for spiders

For 5 arachnids

  • 500 g Black sesame ice cream
    or Vanilla Ice Cream mixed with 1 tablespoon of activated carbon
    or purchased vanilla ice cream mixed with black food coloring
  • 10 g white couverture or chocolate
  • 10 dark chocolate drops
  • approx. 15 micado sticks

The plates should be well pre-cooled. It is best to put them in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.

Making eyes from chocolate

Melt the white chocolate or couverture over a water bath.
Spoon or piping bag ovals filled with the white chocolate onto baking paper.
In one end of the oval, you squeeze a brown chocolate drop.
Let the chocolate set. If you want it to be quick, you can let the eyes get hard in the fridge.For the eyes, an oval with white chocolate is applied to baking paper and a dark chocolate drop is placed inside.

The spider legs

Break the Mikado sticks into equal pieces. Remember not to make them too short, as part of the stick will disappear in the ice ball (approx. 3-4 cm).Break Mikado sticks to prepare the legs of the spider.

Composition of the spider

Form a ball of ice cream with an ice cream spoon and place it on the pre-cooled plate.
Then insert four of each of the rightly broken Mikado sticks on two opposite sides into the ball. These are the legs.
Put your eyes on the ball at the front.

Put everything back in the freezer or serve the dessert immediately.
If the ice cream has been in the freezer overnight, let it defrost in the refrigerator about 15 minutes before consumption.The ice ball forms the body of the spider and the micadoes the legs.

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