Vegan frozen yogurt - as good as the original

Vegan frozen yogurt with organic raspberries - due to the season from the freezer
Vegan frozen yogurt with organic raspberries - due to the season from the freezer

Vegan frozen yogurt based on my recipe for Frozen yogurt from cow's milk. You can work with any Plant based yogurt (such as coconut yogurt or soy yogurt) make the recipe in a slightly modified version.

I have the Sugar quantity adjustedFor one thing, vegan yogurts are usually already somewhat sweetened, and for another, they are not quite as tart as the original.

The recipe is super quickly prepared and can also be used very easily without significant loss of quality in the Freezer can be produced.

Ingredients vegan frozen yogurt

2 portions

  • 250 g vegetable yoghurt (3-4% fat content)
  • 10 g vanilla sugar (s. Tips)
  • 40 g sugar syrup (e.g. bar syrup or Lauter sugar)
  • 1 tsp lime juice
  • 1 pinch of salt

Production of lump sugar

Equal parts water and sugar (so for this recipe. 20 g water and 20 g sugar) briefly simmer in the pot.

The sugar crystals are already dissolved by the sugar syrup. This means that the sugar combines very quickly and easily with the yoghurt.

You can Lauter sugar also in stock produce, as it is used for various types of ice cream in particular Sorbets finds use. Simply fill into a bottle while still hot, store in a cool place and consume within about 2 weeks.

Preparation vegan frozen yogurt in 2 steps

  • Blend all ingredients with a hand mixer or hand blender for a few minutes at high speed until a homogenous mixture is obtained.
  • Pour the mixture into the precooled ice cream machine (duration approx. 20 minutes). During the production in the Freezer compartment (Step-by-step guide) Mix vigorously every 30 minutes with a hand mixer. This takes about 4 hours in total.


  • Vanilla sugar can be made quite simply yourself. For this purpose a scraped vanilla pod* with 200 g sugar in an airtight container. Why this is much better than store-bought vanilla sugar you can read in my Vanilla articles read up.
  • The ice cream should best still be eaten on the same day, because it becomes very hard in the freezer. When made in the freezer, there is a slight loss of creaminess, as slightly larger ice crystals are formed.
  • If you want to arrange the ice cream a little more fancy, you can put the ice cream for example in a Spray nozzle* fill with large star opening and arrange on a plate. Alternatively, as shown in the picture above, the ice cream can also be Fill into molds. I used a cookie cutter for this. The latter works best when the ice cream is already somewhat frozen through.
  • As Topping for the yogurt ice cream can be used anything you like. For example, chopped nuts, fresh fruit of the season or homemade brittle.
  • Sauces such as Strawberry Sauce, vegan chocolate sauce or Peanut caramel sauce can be made very easily in a few minutes and also go very well with vegan frozen yogurt.

Should you be interested in further vegan ice cream recipes interested, I can give you my recipe for Walnut ice cream or Blueberry ice cream with coconut yogurt or Vanilla ice cream from almond milk recommend.

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