Nemox Gelatissimo: my first ice cream machine with compressor

Raspberry sorbet preparation in my Nemox Gelatissimo. All ice cream recipes on my site work perfectly with this ice cream machine.
Raspberry sorbet Preparation in my Nemox Gelatissimo. All ice cream recipes on my site work perfectly with this ice cream machine.

When I decided to buy an ice cream maker with compressor quite a few years ago, I did a lot of researched. For days I read reviews on Amazon, but I always wanted to to be insecure about which ice cream machine ...I should take. Let's put it like it is: such an ice cream machine with compressor costs for a kitchen appliance already one lump of money. How I ended up at the Nemox Gelatissimo* and why I chose this machine, I'll tell you below.

If you are already a professional, just skip to the next paragraph. If, on the other hand, you're wondering what it has to do Ice machines with and without compressor and whether such a purchase is worthwhile for you, then I can give you my article Buy an ice cream machine: Yes or no recommend. In addition, I have set up a calculation, From when the purchase of an ice cream maker worthwhile.

Why did I want to buy an ice cream machine?

Since my earliest childhood I have enjoyed eating ice cream. I think a lot of us do. But back in the '90s, my parents had Ice cream machine without compressor* bought. I was already fascinated at the time and regularly made our favorite ice cream Stracciatella. Even today, you can get these ice cream machines for a cheap 30 to 50 euros.

Almost finished Stracciatella ice cream, which laid the foundation for my fascination with ice cream making in childhood
Homemade Stracciatella ice cream laid the foundation for my childhood fascination with ice cream making.

So in retrospect, it was anything but a good, homemade ice cream. But it was still delicious. But the cold of the frozen container was never enough to make the ice really solid. Not to mention that the stirrer would have managed to scrape the ice off fast enough. That means the consistency and creaminess were not exactly top-notch either. But still it was just beautiful and has always given me great pleasure.

Then I lived for years without an ice machine. About 5 years ago I got the longing to make my own ice cream again. We needed a real ice cream machine.

I didn't want to mess around with any containers again, which are not really cold enough after all. My husband thought I was a trifle bemused. He couldn't really understand why I spend a few hundred euros for such a device. But he has "come to terms" with it in the meantime and of course he profits from my ice experiments. 🙂

Why did I choose the Nemox Gelatissimo?

As I said before. read reviews for days and in the end he wasn't much smarter. I had decided to start out in the medium price range. After all, I didn't know at the time whether these were all just fond childhood memories and whether after a short time I wouldn't feel like it anymore. As you can see, the opposite was the case and my passion for ice cream only grew. My limit at that time was 300 euros.

Collected main points of criticism on various ice cream machines

In reviews of various ice cream machines I read some criticism time and again:

  • the Distance between agitator and vessel is too large
  • the machine is too noisy
  • the Agitator does not have enough poweras the ice mass solidifies
  • it is a little tricky to attach the stirreras it is placed on the container together with the lid

The Distance between the agitator and the vessel is generally an important point. Because if it is too large, a layer of ice must first build up, where the ice is scraped off. Moreover, the temperature transfer from ice to ice mass is worse than from container to ice mass. This means that the freezing process is significantly slower at a greater distance.

Here you can see the layer of ice that forms because there is a small distance between the agitator and the tank. Not dramatic, but still a small minus point.
Here you can see the layer of ice that forms because there is a small distance between the agitator and the tank. Not dramatic, but still a small minus point.

Is that Agitator at the same time rather weakIf the agitator is not working properly, it may happen that the agitator slows down more and more towards the end until it stops completely.

Performance of Nemox Gelatissimo with regard to the main points of criticism

Also the Nemox Gelatissimo* has not only good reviews. But in the end I decided to use this device, because for me the Value for money ...the best way. In addition, the above-mentioned Critical points good to very good from:

  • The agitator was supposed to have enough power
  • The volume was fine for most buyers
  • The assembly is very easy, because the agitator is used independently of the cover
  • According to the evaluation, the distance between the agitator and the ice container was good, although not optimal. As you can see in the picture above, a justified point of criticism.

Some technical details of the Nemox Gelatissimo

I don't want to go into too much technical detail right now. You can find all this on the relevant pages. Information about the current model can be found e.g. on the Manufacturer page or with Amazon*.

Here are the main points that might be of interest to you

  • The Capacity is 1.5 litres (sometimes you read 1.7 litres) and is therefore sufficient for a multi-person household.
  • The machine is supplied with two stirring arms delivered. One is slightly smaller and is used with the supplied container. But there is also a larger agitator that can be used directly with the tank built into the machine. I have never tried this myself, because the cleaning seems to me to be too complex. But therefore, one has the possibility to leave one kind of ice cream in the smaller container, remove it and make a second kind of ice cream in the machine by oneself.
Nemox Gelatissimo with accessories: measuring cup, two stirrers, the fixing screw for the stirrer, ice spatula, aluminium container and lid (from left to right)
Nemox Gelatissimo with accessories: measuring beaker, two stirring arms, the fixing screw for the stirrer, ice spatula, aluminium container and lid (from left to right).
  • The Stirring arm can very easily mounted on the agitator and does not have to be laboriously inserted with the lid at the same time as with some other ice cream machines.
  • For the Cooling line between the machine and the container must be a Liquid such as alcohol or salt water. This can be filled with the supplied Measuring jugs can simply be measured.
  • The Performance is 150 watts and I've never noticed the machine couldn't handle a request.
  • The operation is very simple. There is a Button to switch on cooling (right button) and a Knob for the agitator (left button).
  • The ice is usually in 30 minutes ready.
Assembled Nemox Gelatissimo with aluminium container and small stirring arm (without lid).
Assembled Nemox Gelatissimo with aluminium container and small stirring arm (without lid).

How satisfied am I with my ice cream machine?

Overall, I am very happy with my Nemox Gelatissimo ice cream maker*. All the above points turned out as I expected. Compared to the ice cream maker without compressor from my childhood, this model is luxury. The ice cream freezes quickly and has a very good consistency.

I still like to work with this machine, but in the meantime I was allowed to test other ice cream machines with compressor. My biggest criticism at Nemox Gelatissimo is the Stirrer. For one thing. it's going pretty slow. This means that not really much air is introduced into the ice cream mass and the ice cream therefore does not become as creamy as it could be. In addition, the shape of the mixing arm is not ideal, so that at the End of the freezing processthat Ice only pushed in a circle and not really mixed together anymore.

Conclusion on Nemox Gelatissimo

The Nemox Gelatissimo* is a solid ice cream machinewho easy to handle is and produces a very good homemade ice cream. However, I would advise more ambitious ice makers to go for more expensive models. For example, to one of the top devices for private households, the Cube 750.

Should you Ice cream recipes for your ice cream maker then you will also find on my blog. Over time, quite a few delicious recipes have accumulated. Feel free to look around further.

Update: my Nemox Gelatissimo ice cream machine runs now status 2022 already for 7 years faithfully and without problems. I am still very satisfied with my choice. Sometimes I am tempted to buy a more expensive device like the Cube 750 or the Musso Lussino* to buy, but can not quite part with my old ice cream maker.

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