Make your own Fürst Pückler ice cream

Selbst gemachtes Eis-Sandwich nach Fürst-Pückler-Art.
Homemade ice cream sandwich Fürst Pückler style.

The Fürst Pückler ice cream is a Combination of three different types of ice cream. Nowadays mostly Chocolate ice cream, Vanilla Ice Cream and Raspberry ice cream served between two waffle leaves. Instead of raspberry ice cream can also be served Strawberry ice cream be used.

For a vegan variation I recommend you my Chocolate ice cream with aquafaba, Vanilla ice cream from almond milk and Raspberry sorbet.

The ice cream was invented by the royal Prussian court chef Jungius in the 19th century and in honor of Hermann von Pückler-Muskau named. At that time, of course, the ingredients and composition were still somewhat different. Therefore, the ice cream recipe presented here is also strictly speaking only Prince Pückler style.

You probably know different variations of it. Because in the industrial ice cream assortment you often meet this delicious ice cream combination. For example, sells the Company Schöller her Fürst Pückler-style ice cream sandwich as a Big Sandwich already since 1956.

International is the Fürst Pückler ice cream by the way rather than Neapolitan cuts (Neapolitan slice, Neapolitan ice cream) known. In it can be combined significantly other types of ice cream.

The three types of ice cream that we need for this, I have already presented on my blog. But so that you have the right ratio of the individual ice cream varieties and do not have to jump back and forth between the individual recipes, there are once again the Ingredient lists and preparation instructions in short form. You can find the detailed instructions at the linked recipes.

If you want to take a more relaxed approach, you can prepare the ice cream masses the day before and let them steep in the refrigerator. You don't have to make all the ice cream varieties in one piece. If you want to make everything in one go, then you should use an ice cream maker. allow for a working time of approx. 2-3 hours and including waiting time approx. 6-7 hours. You can find a more detailed breakdown below.

Most often you can find the Variant with the vanilla ice cream in the middle. I think this is because vanilla harmonizes very well with almost every type of ice cream. But you are of course free in the order.

I have the layers horizontal in a square shape frozen on top of each other. With this variant, you should therefore make the vanilla ice cream second. Or you build two partitions into your mold and fill the ice cream vertically. The second variant was too cumbersome for me. But maybe you have another good idea?

Production Prince Pückler ice cream

For about 4 servings

Preparation time: 45 minutes (approx. 15 minutes per ice cream mixture)
Freezing: 1 hour (about 20 minutes per type of ice cream) with ice cream maker,
3 hours with parallel production of all three types of ice cream in the Freezer
Waiting time: about 2 hours
Sandwich composition: about 30 minutes
Waiting time: about 2 hours

Angular shape with capacity of approx. 1 liter. My mold had the dimensions: 11 cm* 11 cm* 5 cm.

Table of contents

Shopping list for all ingredients

Ingredients raspberry ice cream

Preparation raspberry ice cream (short version)

You can find the long version with pictures in the Original recipe for raspberry ice cream.

  • Place all ingredients except the raspberries together in a saucepan and heat, stirring, until just before boiling.
  • Hold at this temperature for 5 minutes while stirring.
  • Allow the milk ice cream mixture to cool (takes about 10 minutes).
  • Meanwhile, thaw frozen raspberries or rinse and drain fresh raspberries.
  • Puree the raspberries well in a blender or with a magic wand.
  • Pass the raspberry puree through a sieve.
  • Once the milk-ice cream mixture is lukewarm, the raspberry puree can be stirred in.
  • Either continue to process the raspberry ice cream mixture right away or, ideally, let it steep in the refrigerator.
  • Freeze the ice cream mixture in the ice cream maker or use the Freezer Method Apply
  • Line a square mold with plastic wrap and pour in the raspberry ice cream, smooth out and place in the freezer.
Fertiges Himbeer-Eis als unterste Schicht in einer eckigen Form, die mit Frischhaltefolie ausgeschlagen ist.
Ready raspberry ice cream as the bottom layer in a square mold lined with plastic wrap.

Ingredients vanilla ice cream

Preparation Vanilla ice cream (short version)

You can find the long version in the Original article. Instead of the Ice base I have listed the individual components here.

  • Heat the milk, cream, sugar and salt, stirring until just before boiling.
  • Remove the ice cream mixture from the heat and add the inulin, skim milk powder, dextrose, locust bean gum and guar gum while stirring.
  • Add the scraped vanilla seeds and likewise the pod and heat again for a few minutes, but do not boil.
  • Now allow to cool to room temperature. The longer the ice cream mixture has time to infuse, the more intense the vanilla flavor will be.
  • Before the freezing process, the vanilla bean is removed.
  • When the vanilla ice cream is ready, take the mold with the raspberry ice cream out of the freezer and smooth the vanilla layer on top.
Das fertige Vanille-Eis wird als zweite Schicht in die eckige Form auf das Himbeer-Eis gefüllt und glatt gestrichen.
The finished vanilla ice cream is poured as a second layer into the square mold on top of the raspberry ice cream and smoothed.

Chocolate ice cream ingredients

Preparation chocolate ice cream (short version)

The Original recipe can be found here on my blog. Instead of the Ice base I have listed the individual components.

  • Heat the milk, cream, sugar, cocoa powder and salt together in a saucepan, stirring until the sugar has dissolved.
  • Allow the ice cream mixture to cool slightly and add the dextrose, skim milk powder, inulin, guar gum and locust bean gum while stirring.
  • Heat again, stirring, until just before boiling and allow the ice cream mixture to cool.
  • In the ice cream machine or in the Freezer prepare.
  • Take the square mold out of the freezer and add the finished chocolate ice cream as the last layer.
  • Now freeze for about 2 hours in the freezer.
Als letzte Schicht kommt das Schokoladen-Eis in die eckige Form. Danach ca. 2 Stunden durchfrieren lassen.
The last layer is the chocolate ice cream in the square mold. Then let it freeze for about 2 hours.

Composition Prince Pückler ice cream

Nach zwei Stunden ist das Fürst-Pückler-Eis fest geworden und alle Schichten haben sich gut miteinander verbunden.
After two hours, the Fürst Pückler ice cream has become solid and all the layers have bonded well together.
  • First, the ice cream must be turned out of the mold. The cling film helps here. If you still have problems, fill warm water in the sink and put the mold in it briefly. After that, the ice cream should slide out of the mold. Then remove the cling film.
Das gestürzte Fürst-Pückler-Eis ohne Frischhaltefolie.
The toppled Fürst Pückler ice cream without cling film.
  • Cut the sides vertically so that you get straight edges. It cuts better if the knife is moistened with water beforehand.
Die Ränder mit einem nassen Messer abschneiden, damit gerade Kanten entstehen.
Trim the edges with a wet knife to make straight edges.
  • Now you have to think about the dimensions of your sandwiches. To do this, measure your block of ice cream and make a note of the dimensions. I cut my ice cream as shown in the picture below. Before you start cutting the ice cream, you should first put it back in the freezer and cut the waffles.
Als hellblaue Linien seht ihr, wie ich meinen Eisblock geschnitten habe.
As light blue lines you can see how I cut my ice block.
  • Once you have the measurements for your ice cream sandwiches, prepare enough wafers (two for each sandwich). The waffle sheets are easy to cut on a wooden board with a ruler and knife.
Cut the wafer sheets into shape with a knife and ruler.
  • Take the ice cream out of the freezer and cut it accordingly. Moisten the knife beforehand. Fill two wafer sheets with a layer of ice cream and press down a little. Since the ice cream melts quickly, you should work quickly and, if necessary, always store a part in the freezer.
Place Fürst-Pückler ice cream between two wafer sheets and press down slightly.
  • Place the ice cream sandwiches in a sealable container. Tip: the way I did it (see picture), there is a risk that the bottom will melt and refreeze in the freezer. This makes it very difficult to get the Fürst-Pückler ice cream out of the box again. It is better to layer the sandwiches in a container with the wafer facing down. Put them back in the freezer as quickly as possible and let them set for about 2 hours.
Fertige Eis-Sandwiches in einer Plastikbox kurz vor dem Einfrieren. Besser ist es, die Sandwiches mit der Waffel nach unten ins Gefrierfach zu geben. Versuch macht eben klug.
Ready ice cream sandwiches in a plastic box just before freezing. It is better to put the sandwiches in the freezer with the wafer facing down. Trial and error makes perfect.

Interesting facts and tips about Fürst Pückler ice cream

  • You should after assembling the sandwiches the ice cream let rest in the freezer for a few hours. Otherwise, the ice cream may still be relatively soft compared to the waffle. When you bite into it, the ice cream swells out at all edges. Therefore, just be patient a little 🙂 .
  • It happens to me very easily with ice cream sandwiches that I eat too much ice cream too quickly. This is immediately followed by a nasty, pungent Cold headache punished. If this also happens to you from time to time, I have a very good Tip for you: you have to warm up the palate as quickly as possible! Either by drinking a lukewarm drink or by pressing your (hopefully warm) tongue against the palate. Then the headache will go away very quickly.

I hope you had as much fun making and eating these ice cream sandwiches as I did. Feel free to write in the comments how your Fürst Pückler ice cream turned out!

Eis-Sandwiches nach Fürst-Pückler-Eis für den schnellen Genuss zwischendurch.
Ice cream sandwiches after Fürst Pückler ice cream for a quick treat in between.

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