Banana split - classic variant

Bananensplit in der typischen deutschen Variante: Vanille-Eis, Bananen, Sahne und Schokoladen-Sauce. Hier noch verziert mit karamellisierten Nüssen.
Banana split in the typical German variant: vanilla ice cream, bananas, cream and chocolate sauce. Here still decorated with caramelized nuts.

Banana split is a sundae that is usually Germany from Vanilla ice cream, bananas, cream and chocolate sauce consists. Classically, it is served in an oblong bowl. In the ice cream parlor you pay relatively much money for it, although you can make banana split with only a few ingredients very easy to make yourself can.

However, there are also some variants that look much more colourful. These then consist of different types of ice cream, sauces and toppings. Especially in America you find this variant. This is also where this sundae was allegedly invented. If you would like to try an American banana split, you will find the ingredients at the end of this post.

The name also comes from the English: "Banana Split" from "split banana". Who exactly was the originator is difficult to say. In any case, Wilmington even has an annual Banana Split Festival.

Ingredients for banana split


  • Peel the banana, cut in half and arrange on a plate.
  • Put three scoops of vanilla ice cream in the middle.
  • Decorate with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
  • Optionally can be combined with sprinkles or caramelized nuts be decorated.
Es kann nie genug Schokoladen-Sauce sein
There can never be enough chocolate sauce

Do you want several sundaes prepare at once, for example, for a party, it is recommended to pre-cool the ice cream bowls or plates in the freezer. If you have distributed the bananas and ice cream, you can also cool them in the freezer in between. Just not too long and provided you have enough space. Otherwise it goes also if one works fast also with a refrigerator. Before serving then just give the cream and chocolate sauce over it.

Another variant, which is much easier to stack, is the Arrangement in glasses. Ice cream, banana and chocolate sauce can be layered alternately. As a finishing touch, the whole is decorated with cream and chocolate sauce.

American Banana Split Variation

The American version consists of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream and, of course, banana. Decorated with cream, chocolate sauce, strawberry, pineapple syrup and maraschino cherry.

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