Mango sorbet: an exotic and fresh ice cream

Ein erfrischendes Mango-Sorbet mit schöner satter Farbe.
A refreshing mango sorbet with a beautiful rich color.

Mangoes are the National fruit of India. But also in Germany this exotic fruit is appreciated and is available in every major supermarket throughout the year. This vegan mango sorbet suits any occasion and tastes especially friends of the Asian cuisine.

Ingredients and instructions

I have now adapted the recipe to make the mango sorbet even creamier.

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Mango sorbet

Refreshing fruit sorbet for the summer or to round off a meal.
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Vorbereitung 20 minutes
Reifezeit 1 hour
Freezing time40 minutes
Total Time 2 hours
Servings 1000 gram



Liquid ingredients

  • 585 g Mango pulp (see tips)
  • 150 g Water
  • 36 g Lime juice

Dry ingredients


Preparing the ice cream mixture

  • Put the water and sugar in a pan and heat both while stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Remove the pan from the heat.
    150 g water, 90 g cane sugar
  • Weigh the remaining dry ingredients. Small quantities should be weighed out using a fine scale. If any of the ingredients have become lumpy, pass them through a sieve.
    72 g dextrose, 63 g dry glucose, 1 g locust bean gum, 1 g guar gum
  • Mix the dry ingredients well.
  • Add the dry ingredients to the sugar syrup in the pan, stirring constantly.
  • Prepare the flesh of the mango (see instructions for cutting a mango) and puree it together with the lime juice until you have a creamy mixture.
    585 g mango pulp, 36 g lime juice
  • Add the mango puree to the pot and mix everything well.
  • Leave the ice cream mixture to mature in the fridge for approx. 1 hour.

Freezing process

  • Switch on the ice cream maker and leave it to cool for a few minutes.
  • Meanwhile, beat the ice cream mixture well again with a mixer and then start the freezing process.


Alternatively, you can also make the ice cream without ice cream maker in the freezer perform (total time about 4 hours).
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How to cut a mango?

Below, I'll show you step-by-step how to cut a fresh mango to get the pulp quickly and easily.

How to process a fresh mango

Total Time: 5 minutes

Determine the orientation of the core

The core is flat and quite broad. If you put the mango on a table, it will usually align itself so that the core is approximately parallel to the table top. In the picture the position of the core is marked with a blue line.

Take a sharp knife and cut off the upper and lower half

With the knife, cut off the flesh a little above and below the core, so that there are three parts: two halves of flesh and the core with a rim. If you hit the core, move the knife slightly away or start again a little further up.

Separate the flesh halves crosswise

Place the two halves, skin side down, on a cutting board and make a cross-shaped cut. Make sure to cut deep enough so that the cut goes all the way to the peel. Don't cut too deep, though, so that the peel still remains whole.

Turn the bowl inside out

Now take one half in your hand so that your thumbs are on the edge and the rest of your fingers are on the shell. With a little pressure on the side of the shell, you can easily turn the half upside down so that the cubes point outward. Now the whole thing is remotely reminiscent of a hedgehog.

Separate the flesh from the skin

When the mango is ripe, the flesh cubes can be easily removed from the peel by pulling the cubes off with your fingers. Alternatively, you can help a little with a sharp knife.

Trigger core further

Ideally, there should not be much pulp left at the core. The skin can be removed once all around with a sharp knife and the remaining flesh cut off. However, the flesh directly at the core is usually a bit more fibrous. It is best to eat these pieces directly.

Tips for mango sorbet

  • From a 500 g heavy Mango you get approx. 350 g pulp.
  • Ripe mangoes can be recognized by the following characteristics: a fruity-sweetish Fragrancewho Bowl should yield slightly to pressure, there are found small black spots on the shell
  • Mangoes should not in the refrigerator be stored so that they can still ripen. In addition, they lose significant flavor when refrigerated.
  • You can use for this recipe either a fresh mango or mango puree use from the can. This can be bought, for example, in the Asia store. If you want to resort to a can, then you should make sure that the puree is not additionally sweetened and is of good quality.

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you. Feel free to leave a comment if you need more help, have any comments, or if you just liked it.

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