Just make your own sundae: Yoghurt-cherry

Ein Eisbecher aus Joghurt-Eis, Kirsch-Eis und Zartbitterschokolade ist einfach genial. Es gibt aber noch viele andere Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten. Diese findet ihr bei den Tipps.
A sundae made of yogurt ice cream, cherry ice cream and dark chocolate is simply ingenious. But there are many other design possibilities. You can find these at the Tips.

Making sundaes yourself is really easy. However, it comes down to the Combination onso that each type of ice cream comes into its own. Toppings and fruits may not be missing, of course.

Here I have a Yoghurt-cherry sundae designed - supplemented with Dark chocolate and Currants. The homemade cherry ice cream still has a slightly spicy note. If you don't like that, you can simply omit the chili. However, it's a great combination when the chili heat is softened by the yogurt ice cream. Try it out!

Either you buy the corresponding ice cream in the supermarket or, even better, make it yourself.

The Cherry Ice Cream and that Yoghurt ice cream can also be used without problems in the Freezer compartment without ice cream machine can be made. However, you need to plan a preparation time of about 4 hours. In the ice cream maker you can prepare your sundae after about 1 hour.

Ingredients for the sundae

You don't really need much for this great sundae. The ingredients below are enough for 6 sundaes for dessert. If you have not eaten anything before, I would use the same amount for 3 persons use.

Suggestion for decoration: chocolate shavings (or other toppings, see. Tips), currants (or other fruit), cream

Best you pre-cool your cups or bowlsthat you want to use later. At least in the refrigerator, but better still in the freezer. Ice cream parlors do the same and always have some of their cups in the chest to pre-cool.

Production of cherry ice cream

Tips and detailed instructions can be found at the recipe post for the Cherry Ice Cream.

Ingredients cherry ice cream

For 6 sundaes as dessert or 3 sundaes:

  • 350 g Sour cherries* (pitted, from the jar, drained weight)
  • 300 g collected water (from drained cherries)
  • 90 g sugar
  • 1 small red chilli (optional)
  • 1 pinch of salt


  • Drain the cherries in a sieve and collect the cherry brandy in a pot.
  • Optional: Cut chili in half lengthwise once, remove seeds and cut into rings.
  • Add the sugar and chili (optional) to the kirsch in the pot and bring to a bubbling boil for 2 minutes.
  • In a blender or with a hand blender, blend the cherries well with the strained cherry brandy syrup. The chilies should not be mixed with, unless you like it particularly spicy.

The ice cream machine prepare and pre-cool for a few minutes, depending on the model. Switch on the mixer and add the ice cream mixture (takes about 30 minutes). While you prepare the yogurt ice cream, let it freeze further in the freezer.

Alternatively in Freezer freeze and mix well every 30 minutes with a hand mixer (total time 3-4 hours). Here, of course, the yogurt ice cream and cherry ice cream can be prepared in parallel.

Production of yoghurt ice cream

Tips and detailed instructions can be found in the recipe posts for the yogurt ice cream varieties. Here you can choose between Yoghurt ice cream made from 3%igem yoghurt, Quark ice cream or Greek yogurt. If you want to keep your sundae vegan, I already have a vegan yoghurt ice cream recipe published that tastes just like the original.

Here now the Variant with Greek yoghurt.

Ingredients for frozen yogurt

For 6 sundaes as dessert or 3 sundaes:


Frozen yogurt can be prepared really very quickly. Thoroughly mix all ingredients together with a hand mixer or hand blender on high speed for a few minutes.

Put the mass in the ice cream machine and allow to set (duration approx. 30 minutes).

Alternatively in Freezer mix vigorously every 30 minutes with a hand mixer. This takes about 3 hours depending on the quantity.

Composition of the sundae

Now you can get to work assembling your sundae.

Hier sieht man die einzelnen Schichten meines Joghurt-Kirsch Eisbechers. Die Beschreibung findet ihr direkt im Anschluss.
Here you can see the individual layers of my yogurt-cherry sundae. The description can be found directly afterwards.
  • You take the pre-cooled cup and layer a finger width of fruit in it. I used currants, but you can also use cherries.
  • A couple of chocolate chips on top of that will do very well.
  • This is followed by 1-2 scoops of yoghurt ice cream.
  • Finally, the cherry ice cream follows.
  • For those who like cream, there is now an icing on the cake.
  • As a topping, chocolate shavings and chocolate figures such as flowers are suitable. A few fruits can also be added. Other ideas for toppings can be found in the tips.


  • If you want to prepare the sundae for the end of a menu, you can do it without problems already a time before and then back in the freezer put. In that case, you should ask the But leave out the cream for now and add just before serving. If the sundae is in the freezer for more than 4 hours, it is best to let it thaw in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  • Also suitable as toppings or intermediate layers are Crisp muesli, crumbled amarettinis, Coconut flakes* or homemade brittle.
  • Should you have a clear Higher cup than I have, you can also multiple layers of yogurt ice cream and cherry ice cream alternately, so that you can spoon both layers in combination when eating.
  • Should you Chocolate moulds have, you can also easily make chocolate flowers or other forms themselves. I always do this when I have some melted chocolate or chocolate coating left over, for example, when baking. Then give only so much in the praline molds that just the ground covered is.
Hier der fertige Eisbecher aus Joghurt- und Kirsch-Eis dekoriert mit Schokoraspel und Schokoladenblüte.
Here the finished ice cream cup made of yoghurt and cherry ice cream decorated with chocolate raspberry and chocolate blossom.

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