Singles Day: 6 gift ideas

It will soon be that time again and the Singles Day (Guanggun Jie) is just around the corner. In Germany, the day is not quite as well known as in Chinabut even here with us, the Day for single people popularity.

On November 11 singles are to be celebrated. In Germany, the date is better known as the start of Mardi Gras. However, due to the four ones in this date, it is known as Singles Day in other countries. The 1 is meant to represent the single person.

Companies are increasingly recognizing this day as Online shopping day used. So it may well be worth buying one or two products on this day and you may find a real bargain. Bargain.

But whether it's a special offer or not, you can also simply use the day to Do something good for yourself and to treat yourself to something.

For this reason, I have put together a small list for you Suggestions for ice cream can give. Let the variety surprise you.

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Ice machines for single households

Whether alone or as a couple, no one should miss out on homemade ice cream. In my Articles on ice cream makers for small households I have already introduced you to the best ice cream makers with a compressor.

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If you don't want to spend that much money at first and only want to make small quantities of ice cream, I can recommend the WMF Kitchen Minis 3in1 ice cream maker from € 63.06 recommend. I have this cute appliance alongside other ice cream makers without a compressor presented in this article. She took 3rd place there.

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Wallpaper with ice cream for at home

Mit selbstklebenden Wallpapern kann man dem eigenen zu Hause einen neuen Look verleihen.
You can give your home a new look with self-adhesive wallpaper.

Decorating a wall with a hip wallpaper is child's play these days. Why not choose one with an ice cream pattern? It puts you in a good mood and reminds you of summer. I particularly like these two products:

Freeze-dried ice cream

Freeze-dried fruit has become an integral part of the muesli mixer product range. But the fact that you can freeze-dry ice cream was also new to me. The consistency is of course different, but it is definitely an exciting product. I have selected three of them for you:

High-quality ice cream cups

If you want to enjoy your ice cream in style from high-quality ice cream bowls in the future, treat yourself to a beautiful set. Beautifully designed and with great patterns, they leave nothing to be desired.

Certified International Playa Shells Eis-/Dessertschalen, 740 ml, 4 Stück
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Or something more luxurious made from recycled glass and metal with floral elements. So you can eat ice cream in style: Six glass ice cream cups including spoons* from BronzHomeAccessories

Neon sign with funny ice cream slogan

Ein Neonschild mit einem flotten Spruch zu Eis ist nicht nur zum Singles Day eine gute Idee.
A neon sign with a snappy slogan about ice cream is not just a good idea for Singles Day.

You can easily brighten up your home with a personalized neon sign. What better way to show off your passion for ice cream? I've picked out the following two products that are sure to look great in your home and create a summer feeling even in winter:

Raunchy T-shirt for Singles Day

Für alle, die Auffallen wollen, bieten sich Shirts mit lustigen Sprüchen an.
Shirts with funny slogans are ideal for anyone who wants to stand out.

A T-shirt or hoodie with this slogan could be a bit suggestive, but perhaps just right for Singles Day. Maybe you won't be alone for much longer 😉.

I hope there was something for you among the gift ideas. Feel free to write in the comments what you bought yourself for Singles Day or afterwards.

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