Klamer 2-in-1 ice cream maker test

Die Klamer 2-in-1 Eismaschine besticht durch ein edles Design aus Edelstahl.
The Klamer 2-in-1 ice cream maker impresses with its elegant stainless steel design.

The Klamer 2-in-1 ice cream maker is fairly new on the market and is powered by a Company from Berlin produced. Can a German company make a good ice cream maker? To answer this question, we took a closer look at the Klamer 2-in-1 for you.

The device was provided to us by Klamer. For qualified purchases via Amazon links on this page, we earn a small commission without any disadvantage to you. Many thanks for this.

Special features of the ice cream maker

The Klamer 2-in-1 ice cream maker is characterized by its Integrated cooling and heating function that not only the Ice makingbut also the Yogurt preparation is made possible. With a self-cooling compressor and a Capacity of 2 liters can produce homemade ice cream within 60 minutes. The machine has a Intuitive operation with LCD displaya practical Lid opening for refilling ingredients. According to the manufacturer, the removable parts are dishwasher safe and thus facilitate cleaning.

Technical details

The Klamer ice cream machine is a Compressor ice cream machine with removable container. The appliance is also suitable for Yoghurt preparation suitable. You can find the technical details in the table

LCD-Display mit Zeitanzeige und Modus-Auswahl, sowie die Tasten der Klamer Eismaschine, um die Programme einzustellen.
LCD display with time display and mode selection, as well as the buttons on the Klamer ice cream maker to set the programs.
Dimensions42.7 x 21.7 x 26 cm (W/D/H)
Weight11.1 kg
MaterialStainless steel, plastic
Capacity2 liters
recommended max. filling quantity1.3 liters
Performance180 watt
Scope of deliveryMachine with removable container, stirring arm, ice spatula, lid with filler opening, measuring cup, operating instructions
DisplayLCD display (time and mode display)
KeysPower, mode selection, -/+ button, start/pause
Ice making duration45 - 60 minutes
Yoghurt production time8 - 14 hours
Programs4 programs (mixing, freezing, ice cream preparation, yoghurt preparation)
Post-cooling functionup to 1 hour
Automatic switch-offAutomatic at firm consistency of the ice cream
Dishwasher safe partsIce cream container, lid, stirring part (according to manufacturer's instructions)
Technical details of the Klamer 2-in-1 ice cream maker

Our Measurement of power consumption has produced the following values: Ice cream production 145 W and yogurt preparation 22 W. This would be 0.15 kWh for a complete cycle for 2 liters of ice cream and 0.18 - 0.3 kWh for yoghurt production.

Accessories Klamer 2-in-1 ice cream maker

The device includes a Ice cream container, stirring part and lid. Except for the container made of Stainless steel the rest is from Plastic.

The scope of delivery also includes a Ice spatula and measuring cup included. At first glance, the ice cream scoop is inconspicuous, but it does a surprisingly good job of removing the ice cream. The purpose of the measuring cup (for just under 240 ml) is not entirely clear.

Zubehör im Lieferumfang: Deckel, Messbecher, Eisspatel, Rührarm und Edelstahlbehälter.
Accessories included: lid, measuring cup, ice spatula, stirring arm and stainless steel container.

Klamer 2-in-1 in the test

In our test, the KLAMER 2-in-1 ice cream maker & yogurt maker 2 L from € 299.99 * one good impression. The design is elegant and the Containers made of metal is of high quality. The thermal conductivity is very good and cleaning is easy as the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

The Assemble of the device is pleasing uncomplicated. You just have to remember that the lid has to be turned anticlockwise in order to snap it into place. The Opening in the lid for adding ingredients during operation rounds off the sophisticated design of the ice cream machine.

The Cooling is transferred indirectlyThis is due to the air gap between the machine and the container. This leads to a prolonged cooling phase, especially at the start of the ice cream production process. In contrast to my Nemox Gelatissimo I have not tested filling high-proof alcohol to improve the cold transmission. The seal between the gearbox and the motor does not appear to be designed for this purpose on this appliance.

One point of criticism that many ice cream makers in this price segment have is a Relatively large distance between agitator arm and container wall. This also means that the ice cream production process takes longer. The result is initially a softer ice cream, similar to soft ice cream, but after a certain amount of time in the freezer it achieves a pleasant creaminess. After a day in the freezer, the creaminess of the ice cream was better compared to the Nemox Gelatissimo not noticeably worse. However, this could also be due to the addition of Glycerin may be due to the

During operation, the volume is in the range of 55 - 60 dBwhich can be considered entirely appropriate.

The Operation the KLAMER 2-in-1 ice cream maker & yogurt maker 2 L from € 299.99 * is designed intuitive. The flashing display during operation and the continuous display when pausing takes some getting used to. This is particularly important when making yoghurt so that you don't accidentally remain in pause mode.

The Yoghurt preparation impressed in the test with its efficiency and silent operation.

One small point of criticism is the Complex designed agitator armwhich has a relatively large amount of ice stuck to it that cannot be easily removed. However, this may become easier with practice.

A positive highlight is the supplied Ice spatulawhich proved to be very practical for removing the ice cream from the container and for scraping the stirring arm, even if it looks unspectacular at first.

Last but not least, the manufacturer recommends disconnecting the ice cream maker from the power supply after use. A simple switch would make handling easier.

Walnuss-Eis in der Klamer 2-in-1 Eismaschine hergestellt. Gut zu erkennen ist der relativ dicke Eisrand durch den größeren Abstand des Rührarms vom Behälterrand.
Walnut ice cream made in the Klamer 2-in-1 ice cream maker. You can clearly see the relatively thick edge of the ice cream due to the greater distance between the mixing arm and the edge of the container.

Conclusion on the Klamer ice cream maker

The KLAMER 2-in-1 ice cream maker & yogurt maker 2 L from € 299.99 * presents itself as Versatile and robust device. Their integrated cooling and heating system enables the production of Ice cream and yogurtThe appliance is equipped with a self-cooling compressor and a generous Capacity of 2 liters scores. The intuitive operation via a LCD display and the dishwasher-safeThe removable parts make both operation and cleaning much easier.

The indirect cold transfer and the slightly larger Distance between agitator arm and container wall prolong the freezing phase. Unfortunately, these points can also be found in other ice cream makers in this price segment. If you want to avoid this, you will unfortunately have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Overall, the Klamer 2-in-1 is a solid device. However, the manufacturer could still improve one or two points.

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