Cube 750: Top device for the home

Die Cube 750 produziert cremiges Eis in nur 20 Minuten.
The Cube 750 produces creamy ice cream in just 20 minutes.

The Cube 750 is one of the most expensive ice machines you can buy for home use. Is the price justified and is it worth the purchase? You can read about it in my article.

If you are still unsure whether you should get such a device at all, then I can recommend my article Buy an ice cream machine: Yes or no recommend. In addition, I have set up a calculation, From when the purchase of an ice cream maker worthwhile.

As you know, I own a Nemox Gelatissimo*. At Ballabeni ice course However, I was allowed to work with the Cube 750 and report my experiences here.

Technical details of the Cube 750

First, a little background information: The ice machine is approximately cubic - hence the name "Cube". The ice production in one run is Maximum 750 g and lasts approx. 20 minutes.

The ice cream maker is therefore ideal for a 1 to 3 person household suitable. You can easily make several types of ice cream in a row. To do this, only the ice cream container is wiped out once briefly.

Due to the low Footprint from 30 x 30 cm the Cube 750 is very good for small kitchens suitable.

The power consumption is 140 watts, which is relatively energy-efficient. The strong engine causes the agitator to reliably scrape the resulting ice from the walls of the container. At 64 revolutions per minute, the result is a very fine and creamy ice cream.

The Cube 750 is manufactured in Italy handmade in small quantity. It is completely made of Stainless steel and therefore a durable device. Despite the small size, it weighs 16 kg because of the material. This professional ice machine is suitable even for the requirements of a small catering business.

Die Cube 750 ist komplett aus Edelstahl und hochwertig verarbeitet. An der Front befinden sich zwei Schalter und eine Zeitschaltuhr.
The Cube 750 is made entirely of stainless steel and finished to a high standard. On the front there are two switches and a timer.

The Cube 750 is very easy to operate. At the front there are one Cooling switch and that Agitator and a rotary knob for the Timer. A Instruction manual can be found below.

In addition, this ice cream maker is designed with safety in mind. The Agitator stops immediately, as soon as the Lid removed will. You can therefore not accidentally reach into the running machine. Some may interpret it as a shortcoming, since nothing can be added during ice cream production. Just think of the dripping of liquid chocolate in stracciatella ice cream. With the Cube, you have to stop the mixer, remove the lid, and then add the chocolate.

Das Rührwerk der Cube 750 stoppt, sobald der Deckel abgenommen wird.
The agitator of the Cube 750 stops as soon as the lid is removed.

There is a solution that is practiced by very many cube owners. One puts Magnets on the corresponding places of the cube and thus leverages the safety precaution. Keep in mind that this is not a recommendation on my part and you do this at your own risk!

Since the tank is permanently installed, the Temperature transfer direct and very efficient. However, some also see a Disadvantage in it, as the cleanup is somewhat more difficult.

The Compressor is amazingly quiet and very reliable. The agitator has enough power to mix the ice well and to beat in air, even to the end.

Operation of the Cube 750

What you have to consider for the operation of the Cube 750, you will find in the included Instruction manual. Here I give you only a small Overviewso that you get an idea of the handling:

  • First, the agitator is inserted and fixed in place.
  • Then use the knob to set the preparation time (usually 20 - 30 minutes).
  • Next, the cooling is switched on and the mass is poured in.
    Here there is a large Difference to other ice machines with a filler opening in the lid. Because the Cube 750 should not be precooled for a long timeto prevent the ice mass from freezing when the agitator is at a standstill.
  • As soon as the ice cream mass is in the cube, the lid is put on and the stirrer is started.
  • When the ice is ready, both switches are turned off and the ice is removed with the included ice spatula.

The few disadvantages

As mentioned, the Cleanup somewhat more difficult due to the permanently installed ice container. However, the device can be operated with a Plastic spatula and microfiber cloths clean very well. You just have to be careful that no water gets into the shaft of the agitator. The Stirrer itself is dishwasher safe.

However, the biggest drawback of this ice cream maker is the Price. Depending on the market, this varies between 700 and 900 euros. That's quite a board and you have to think carefully if you are such a big ice cream fan that this purchase is worth it. However, there is no question that the quality of this ice cream maker is right and the price for a handmade stainless steel machine is justified.


The Cube 750 is distributed among others by The pictures used here were kindly provided to me by Mr. Fontana, the managing director. Sometimes it can also be purchased on Amazon or Ebay.

Summary assessment of the Cube 750

With the decision for the Cube 750 you get yourself a professional ice cream maker into the kitchen, which will fulfill all your wishes. It is both inside and outside High quality workmanship and durable. The Cube 750 belongs to the best ice machines for home use!

One final thought: you can hardly find a used Cube on the usual online marketplaces, unlike other ice machines from well-known manufacturers. After all, once you buy a Cube 750, you will never part with it again.


  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    by summer 2022, I would like to have saved up an ice cream machine.
    After information on the Internet and youtube I have taken the Musso 4080 or a Cube 750 in my shortlist.
    Songs there is no direct comparison between the two machines on the Internet, or is there?
    What strikes me is that the Musso is criticized for the gap between the standpipe and the drive shaft, and also that you can't turn back the timer.
    1. does the Cube have the above two same problems?
    2. does the plastic scraper of the stirrer bring advantages?
    3. can I get spare parts?
    4. which machine is the quieter?
    5. are there differences in the speed of ice cream production.
    6. are there differences in the ice itself.
    I'm sure you can give me an honest answer and help me to make the right decision in this regard.
    With kind regards

    1. Hello and thanks for stopping by!

      The choice between Musso and Cube is one where you can't go far wrong. Unfortunately, I can't say much about the Musso, except that I've heard a lot of good things about it. I also don't know of any direct comparison between the machines. It is probably rather rare that someone has both at home or tests at the same time.

      Since I have only tried the Cube so far and do not own it myself, I can not answer the questions in this level of detail unfortunately. I know that you can get spare parts for the Cube 750, such as the lid, nut or scraper (

      Perhaps another reader can contribute answers?

      In any case, have fun with the new ice cream maker!

        1. Thank you very much for your comment and the links. I'm sure that will help some people here 😀.
          Kind regards

  2. Good day

    Thanks for the info and the great reports.

    I have three questions:
    1. where exactly is the Cube manufactured?
    2. through which dealers can you get them?
    3. how does the Graef IM 700 vs. the Cube 750 compare? The Graef is also an interesting and very well-made ice machine.

    Best thanks and kind regards

    1. Hello Henrik,

      thank you so much for stopping by. I always welcome questions 🙂
      And here are the (hopefully helpful) answers:
      According to my information, the Cube 750 is manufactured in a factory in northern Italy. If you want to know the exact location, you would have to ask at, for example. As far as I know, they purchase the devices directly from the manufacturer.
      2. the Cube 750 I have so far for example at or Rauschenbach seen. Sometimes there are also offers on eBay. But here you should be careful with too cheap offers.
      3. the Graef IM 700 would certainly also be interesting. Although I can't imagine it being in the same league as the Cube. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to see one in action yet. As soon as I find the time and have the opportunity to test a Graef IM 700, I'll be happy to write an article about it. Perhaps another reader can share their experience with the Graef IM 700?

      Many greetings

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