Vegan walnut ice cream with caramelized nuts

Veganes Walnuss-Eis mit karamellisierten Walnüssen
Vegan walnut ice cream with caramelized walnuts

In my opinion, you can eat walnut ice cream simply always. Be it on hot days or snuggled up on the couch in winter. The round taste and the sweet, crunchy nuts are a great combination and simply convey a Well-being.

Vegan walnut ice cream is based on Almond milk and provides a real alternative to the traditional recipes. So if you are lactose intolerant or on a vegan diet, give this recipe a try.

You ever wonder what the Taste of walnut ice cream so unmistakable makes? It is not the nuts, but it is the Maple syrup. Without maple syrup, walnut ice cream doesn't taste the same, no matter how many nuts are in it.

If you are looking for a classic walnut ice cream recipe you will also find on my blog.

ingredients vegan walnut ice cream

For 4 servings

alternatively: Replace dextrose and glucose with 70g banana

Preparation vegan walnut ice cream

  • Bring the almond milk, almond paste, 80 g of the maple syrup and the scraped vanilla pulp to the boil in a saucepan and simmer gently for 10 minutes, stirring.
  • Turn off the heat and whisk in the salt, dextrose, glucose, inulin and guar gum.
  • Allow the ice cream mixture to cool. If necessary, leave to infuse overnight in the refrigerator.
  • Chop the walnuts and toast them in a pan without fat. Pour the remaining maple syrup over them and let them caramelize until the nuts are covered with a layer. Alternatively, the nuts can also be toasted with Caramelized sugar will be.
Walnüsse in einer Pfanne vorsichtig anrösten und zum Schluss, den restlichen Ahornsirup darüber geben.
Carefully roast the walnuts in a pan and finally pour the remaining maple syrup over them.

The ice cream machine prepare and pre-cool for a few minutes, depending on the model. Switch on the mixer and pour in the ice cream mixture (duration approx. 30 minutes). Just before the end, add the caramelized walnuts. Allow to thaw in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving.

Alternative the ice in the freezer freeze and mix well every 30 minutes with a hand mixer (total time about 4 hours). Before serving, let thaw in the refrigerator for 15 minutes and mix well with a stand mixer on low speed. Then add the caramelized walnuts first.

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Wer es noch etwas süßer will, kann Ahornsirup über sein veganes Walnuss-Eis gießen.
If you want it a little sweeter, you can pour maple syrup over your vegan walnut ice cream.

Alternative with banana

If you don't want to use dextrose and glucose, then you can mix them with a very ripe banana replace. In any case, it should already have brown dots, so that it is sufficiently sweet. The banana After cooling together with the milk-maple syrup mixture in a stand mixer or blender puree.

You must be aware that a light banana flavour will always be present and that the ice crystals in this variant will be significantly larger.

Die Alternative mit Banane führt zu einem etwas gröberen Walnuss-Eis, das auch von der Farbe dunkler ist.
The alternative with banana leads to a somewhat coarser walnut ice cream, which is also darker in colour.

Tips for vegan walnut ice cream

  • Maple syrup is the concentrated juice of the sugar maple and is produced mainly in Canada. The juice is collected and then strongly boiled down to produce the syrup. There are very different qualities of Maple syrup* and here applies: the lighter the better and the syrup is milder. In Europe, you can usually find the highest grade of syrup ("Grade A") in supermarkets or online.
  • Be aware that maple syrup is strictly speaking Mixture of different sugars is. That is, just because it is obtained from a tree, it does not equate to healthy.
  • Walnuts should Dark and cool stored. It is best to buy unshelled nuts and crack them only when you want to process them further.
  • If you want to use the Make your own almond milk you can soak 100 g of almonds with 500 ml of water for 12 hours, rinse almonds and blend with 500 ml of fresh water in a high-powered blender. Filter the almond milk through a straining cloth or nut cloth and collect.
  • The Inulin leads to a better consistency of the ice cream and is found, for example, in chicory or Jerusalem artichoke. It is therefore a natural substance that is said to have positive nutritional properties. You can buy inulin in organic supermarkets or on the internet. In the meantime I have a Explanation of each ingredient and where to get them can be written.


  1. I love walnut ice cream! And I'm really happy that now (since the ice cream parlour in the village is closing soon) I can make my own without an ice cream machine :) Then also vegan 🙂 Thank you very much for the great recipe and the nice report with lots of unexpected but very interesting additional information!

    1. Hello, Sven,

      I also have a really great recipe for a non-vegan walnut ice cream. I hope to post the recipe soon. So check back soon.

      Kind regards

    1. Hello Jürgen,

      Thank you very much for the praise. I'm always very happy about that 🙂 .
      A non-vegan recipe is in the works right now. I'll link it as soon as I have it ready.

      Very dear greetings

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