Vegan caramel sauce from 4 ingredients

Vegane Karamellsauce mit Kokoscreme kann in nur 10 Minuten zubereitet werden.
Vegan caramel sauce with coconut cream can be prepared in just 10 minutes.

A recipe for a really delicious vegan caramel sauce that you can make with few ingredients in 10 minutes the kitchen. This sauce goes well with various types of ice cream such as vegan frozen yoghurt ice cream.

Instead of the usual cream is used Coconut cream is used, which also Coconut cream is called (see Tips).


2 portions

Preparation of the vegan caramel sauce

  • Purchased coconut cream is usually a little more solid. First dissolve this with 20 g of water. Some coconut creams have ground coconut in them. If you don't want coconut flakes in your sauce, pass through a sieve after dissolving.
  • Then bring the remaining water (15g), sugar and salt to a boil in a pot or pan without stirring. It should all be wetted with water, otherwise shake the pot a little.
Zunächst Wasser und Zucker in eine Pfanne oder Topf geben so dass der gesamte Zucker befeuchtet ist.
First, put water and sugar in a pan or pot so that all the sugar is moistened.
  • Continue to cook without stirring until the sugar mixture has turned amber. Then quickly remove from heat. Always be extra careful with hot sugar syrup and don't get anything on your skin!
  • Briskly stir in a portion (about 1/3) of the dissolved coconut cream with a wooden spoon.
Erst etwa ein Drittel der Kokoscreme in die Zuckermasse einrühren.
First stir about one third of the coconut cream into the sugar mass.
  • Then stir in the rest of the coconut cream in batches.
  • Heat again, stirring, until boiling.
Die restliche Kokoscreme einrühren und dann noch einmal zum Kochen bringen.
Stir in the rest of the coconut cream and then bring to the boil again.
  • Allow the finished caramel sauce to cool. If you do not use the sauce right away, it is best to pour it into a container while it is still hot. In the Refrigerator keeps the sauce about 2 weeks. Over time, it becomes more viscous. Then heat briefly before use. Either in a water bath or in the microwave.
Die vegane Karamellsauce wird zähflüssiger, wenn sie im Kühlschrank aufbewahrt wird. Dann vorher im Wasserbad oder in der Mikrowelle kurz erwärmen.
The sauce becomes more viscous if it is stored in the refrigerator. Then warm it up briefly beforehand in a bain-marie or in the microwave.

Production tips

  • Coconut cream or coconut cream should not be confused with Coconut milk. However, you can also get coconut cream from a coconut milk package. After a time settles namely the Grease off the top. Usually this is the case with most packages you can buy. You skim it off and you have very tasty coconut cream. However, it is easier to buy coconut cream right away.
  • If you're looking for coconut cream from a Coconut milk carton If you want to use this product, remember that before you open it, you must DO NOT shake may!
  • The pot or the frying pan best soak immediately with warm water and rinse. Once the caramel has set, it becomes more difficult to clean the pan.

If you Peanut and the coconut flavor should be less prominent, then I can also give you my vegan peanut caramel sauce recommend. This can also be modified to a salty caramel sauce (Salted Caramel).

The vegan caramel sauce goes very well with ice cream flavors such as. Vegan frozen yoghurt, Chocolate ice cream or Vanilla Ice CreamBut it also goes very well with pancakes, waffles or cakes. Should you be looking for more vegan ice cream recipes you will find on my blog.

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