Unold 48870 ice cream maker

This time I have for you the Unold 48870* looked more closely. It is a Ice cream machine with compressor, which is very popular. With approx. 300 Euro it is at the upper end for self-cooling ice machines in the mid-price segment.

Tests on ice machines are unfortunately rare. However, the Unold 48870 was tested by the Test magazine in 2017 with very well assessed and valued at the Test winner crowned. Also has Foundation Warentest 2021 the extremely similar Unold ice cream maker Exclusive (48872)* tested. This shared with another ice machine the 3rd place and was awarded a total of well rated

Die Unold 48870 hat eine kubische Form und besticht durch das ansprechende Design.
The Unold 48870 has a cubic shape and impresses with the attractive design.

Should you rather opt for a Top model for private household you are interested in, feel free to read my Articles about the Cube 750 and the Comparison with the Musso Lussino Mini through. However, with these machines you are in a price range of approx. 700 - 900 Euro.

At the beginning of your own ice cream production, you can definitely start in the medium price segment.


Unold 48870 technical details

The Unold 48870 * has a cubic design and a unusual stainless steel case. She is a real eye-catcher as you can see in the pictures.

If you are save a few euros you can use the identically constructed Unold 48872* Buy ice cream maker. The difference lies in the material used. The 48870 is made of stainless steel manufactured, while the Unold 48872 stainless steel is manufactured. The look of the 48872 is also sleeker.

The technical details of the Unold 48870 can be found in the following table.

Dimensions27.5 x 31.5 x 36.7 cm (W/D/H)
Weight13 kg
MaterialStainless steel
Capacity2 liters
recommended max. filling quantity1.5 litres
Performance180 watt
Scope of deliveryMachine with removable container, stirring arm and lid, operating instructions
DisplayLCD display
ButtonsPower, menu, start/pause and rotary wheel
Ice making duration30 - 45 minutes
Programs3 programs (Mix & Freeze, Freeze, Mix)
Post-cooling functionup to 2 hours
Automatic switch-offAutomatic at firm consistency of the ice cream
Dishwasher safe partsNo (according to manufacturer)
Unold 48870 technical details
Die Maschine setzt sich zusammen aus dem eigentlichen Kompressor, einem herausnehmbarem Behälter, dem Rührarm und dem Deckel.
The machine is composed of the compressor itself, a removable container, the stirring arm and the lid.

Plus points

  • The machine impresses with a space-saving, cubic shape and is from Stainless steel manufactured. The Solid workmanship and that noble design (crystal look) are an eye-catcher in any kitchen.
  • The Cover can be lifted off without the machine stopping. Therefore can ingredients like melted chocolate at Stracciatella ice cream or rum raisins at the Malaga ice cream can be added without problems at the end of the freezing process while the machine is running.
  • Due to the removable container, the machine can be Quick cleaning.
  • The machine is usually used as quiet felt.


Below I have collected various criticisms that I have read or heard about the Unold 48870. I will then give you my opinion on the most serious points. personal assessment.

  • Through the removable container is the Cold transmission more inefficient than machines without an additional container.
    Personal assessment: this is a common problem with all ice machines with this design. Machines without removable container are for example the Cube 750 and Musso Lussino Miniwhich are significantly more expensive. On the other hand, cleaning is more time-consuming. For a better cold transmission can be used before each use a small amount (please approach slowly) of a high percentage vodka be filled before inserting the container. This significantly improves the cold transfer.
  • When Too much ice mass is filled into the Unold 48870, the ice cream mass can be over the edge of the container are pressed and flow into the gap.
    Personal assessment: This can be easily avoided by following the Maximum filling level holds. This point must be considered for each ice cream maker. Because capacity is not the same as the amount of filling. When the ice cream freezes, the volume increases. Therefore should generally only 75% of the capacity be filled in.
  • In part, the Engine considered too weak described. The Automatic switch-off results in the stirring process being switched off by the machine above a certain strength. This is to avoid overheating of the motor, but sometimes leads to the fact that the Freezing process not always to the end is carried out. Therefore, the machine also still has a program to freeze the ice cream mass until the end. The supplied manual recommends freezing through in the freezer for fruit ice cream and sorbet.
    Personal assessment: a sufficiently strong engine is very important for an ice cream machine. Freezing the ice cream mass at the end without stirring leads to a reduction in creaminess. Should the ice cream be eaten immediately, the point of criticism is not so decisive. If you want to store the ice cream in the freezer, this disadvantage is serious.
  • The Agitator has no optimal Design. When the ice solidifies, it gets stuck in between and cleaning becomes more difficult than necessary.
  • Included in delivery is no plastic or wood scraper included for the removal of ice. Actually, this is the rule in the scope of delivery of ice machines. However, for about 10 euros you can buy yourself a whole Set scraper* buy.
Der Rührarm ist mit Querstreben versehen, die die Reinigung erschweren.
The stirring arm is equipped with cross struts that make cleaning difficult.

Conclusion Unold 48870

The Unold 48870* is a solid, self-cooling ice cream maker with attractive appearance and good workmanship. Unfortunately the Motor under certain circumstances to weak be to freeze the ice cream to the end. This is at the expense of the creaminess of the ice cream. In my opinion, the manufacturer should make improvements here.

An alternative in a similar price range is the Cuisinart ICE100E* (Cuisinart article) or the Springlane Elisa* an.

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