Cuisinart ICE100E on sale

Vielleicht bringt Amazon auch dir schon bald deine neue Eismaschine Cuisinart ICE100E.
Maybe Amazon will soon bring you your new ice cream maker Cuisinart ICE100E.

Today and tomorrow is again Amazon Prime Day. During these two days there is a diverse range of heavily discounted items. This year is also an interesting Ice cream machine with compressor* at that: the Cuisinart ICE100E*. I took a closer look at this deal for you.

The Offer applies to 48 hours, so from the 12.07.2022 until 13.07.2022 at midnight. Normally, the machine costs 379 euros. The deal of the day are just under 277 euros. This is therefore a Savings up to 27% (approx. 103 euros).

Update: by now the offer has expired, but check out the current price of the Cuisinart ICE100E* on Amazon. Every now and then, there are also good offers outside of such promotions.

I looked at the ice cream maker online. For this I have both the ratings on the Internet read through as well as various YouTube videos reviewed. Most are in English, such as from 6 Months Later Reviews.

If you have a short video with the machine in action I can recommend the one by Ruben Porto.

Table of contents

Per Cuisinart ICE100E

  • The compressor is efficient and creates the ice cream production in the usual 30-40 minutes.
  • The capacity of 1.5 litres is sufficient for a multi-family household.
  • The operation is very simple and via a digital Display controlled (switch on, switch off and timer).
  • Even when used over a long period of time, the ice cream maker shows No signs of fatigue or weaknesses.
  • The ice bucket is made of metal and thus has a good cold conductivity.
  • The ice bin can be removed from the machine and can thus be easily cleaned.
  • The noise level is good for an ice machine with compressor and is even considered by some customers as quiet perceived.

Contra Cuisinart ICE100E

  • From one customer was a unbalanced cold transmission between the machine and the freezer container.
    Personal assessment: of course, incorrect operation cannot be ruled out here. However, I noticed that neither the videos nor the operating instructions recommend filling the gap with alcohol, for example. With my Nemox Gelatissimo each time I use it, I fill it with a small amount of 37%igen vodka before inserting the container. This significantly improves the cold transfer.
  • In the videos it is noticeable that the Stirring arm not scraping directly along the tankbut a millimeter-thick layer of ice forms, which in turn reduces cold transmission.
    Personal assessment: Unfortunately, many of the ice machines in the medium-priced segment show this phenomenon. For a machine without this problem, you usually have to spend more money.
  • I see the biggest shortcoming in the Stirring arm design. I suspect that, depending on the type of ice cream, it is not easy to get the finished ice cream out of the spaces between the mixing arm. But this may also just be the opportunity for some to treat themselves to a portion of the ice cream right away.

Become an Amazon Prime customer (on trial)

The offer is valid only for Prime customers. If you order a lot from Amazon and also want to use streaming, it is definitely worth it. If the 7.99 euros per month are too much for you, you can also simply buy a Trial membership complete. One can without problems Amazon Prime test free of charge for 30 days. You just must not forget to cancel in time.

Conclusion about the Cuisinart ICE100E

If you do not know yet which ice cream machine with compressor you want to buy and you want to buy a machine in the middle price segment searches, then the Cuisinart Icecream & Gelato Professional* definitely worth considering. With this, you get a solid ice cream maker that will surely give you a lot of fun making ice cream.

For those of you who are still unsure whether to buy an ice cream maker at all, I recommend my article with a detailed Decision support for ice machine purchase. In another post, I'll give you both health and price reasons, why to make ice cream yourself - just in case you still have to convince your better half.

I myself own a Nemox Gelatissimo ice cream maker* with compressor. This also moves in the middle price segment and I have been very satisfied for 7 years with it. If you want to spend a bit more, I can recommend the two top devices. Cube 750 and Musso Lussino* recommend.

To inaugurate your new ice cream maker with compressor, you will find lots of delicious ice cream recipes on my blog.

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