Musso Mini vs. Cube 750 ice cream maker

Shall I look at the Ice cream maker Cube 750 or Musso Lussino Mini 4080* buy?

This question is on the minds of many of you and this article should help you find an answer. One detailed report on the Cube 750 can already be found elsewhere on my blog. A review of the Musso Lussino Mini 4080 (or Musso Mini for short) is currently in progress.

Christoph from Elke IceMaker channel a few months ago, these two high quality ice machines detailed Tested in parallel and a YouTube video online about this. With his permission, I have used his insights from the video in this article. The photos were also kindly provided by Christoph.

Die Musso Lussino Mini 4080 (links) und Cube 750 (rechts) wurden von Christoph auf dem Elke-EisMacher Kanal verglichen.
The Musso Lussino Mini 4080 (left) and Cube 750 (right) were compared by Christoph on the Elke-EisMacher channel.

The two ice machines are in the upper price segment for the private household and cost between 700 and 900 euros. Both are really great ice machines and are among the best you can buy for your home.

But do they both make equally good ice cream?
What are the differences between the two ice machines?

Table of contents

  1. What is important in an ice cream machine?
  2. Technical comparison Cube 750 vs. Musso Mini
  3. Volume comparison
  4. Power consumption
  5. Ice test
  6. Cleaning
  7. Purchase and spare parts
  8. Conclusion

1. what is important in an ice cream machine?

Of course, what matters to us about an ice cream maker is that it works well and makes delicious ice cream. But above all we want that our ice cream mass optimally frozen will.

The faster water freezes, the smaller the ice crystals.

This is where the ice cream machine comes into play. Due to the active heat extraction at the vessel wall, cooling down is very fast. For this a powerful compressor necessary.

We also need a good agitator. The closer the agitator scrapes along the wall and the faster, the better for the creaminess of the ice cream.

The third task of the ice machine is to, Incorporate air. Unlike the industry, which uses this technique to sell us large packaging with little content, air in our homemade ice cream is desired to a certain extent. The Flavours can thus develop better and the ice cream is creamier.

2. technical comparison Musso Mini vs. Cube 750

Both ice machines come from northern Italy and are produced there. The technical details can be found as an overview in the Table read up.

Musso Lussino Mini 4080Cube 750
ProcessingVery solidVery solid
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Dimensions W x D x H30 x 45 x 30 cm30 x 30 x 35 cm
Weight in kg18 kg16 kg
CoverWithout fusewith magnetic fuse
Capacity2 liters1.6 liters
Recommended filling quantity750 ml750 ml
Controls1 switch motor, 1 switch cooling, 1 rotary wheel1 switch motor, 1 switch cooling, 1 rotary wheel
Speed80 rpm64 rpm
Scope of deliveryManual, spatula, machineManual, spatula, machine
Spare partsavailableavailable
Table of technical details of the two ice machines

Both ice machines are Very solid and off Stainless steel manufactured. The controls of both ice machines are very similar in design (see picture): a timer, switches for agitator and the compressor.

The Agitators have power and can also move solid ice well. The container of the Cube has a Capacity of 1.6 liters, that of the Musso about 2 liters. However, in an ice cream machine should ideally fill only about 75% of capacity. Therefore, when filling 1 liter of ice cream mass into the Cube, the ice cream may be pushed out at the end of the freezing process. The Musso on the other hand has a Higher capacitybut here, too, the manufacturer recommends a filling quantity of 750 ml.

The Agitator in the Musso Mini has the disadvantage that between the cylinder of the agitator and the axis during insertion a Gap arises and thus can pull up ice. In addition, there is no proper seal at the top of the axis, which is impractical for both manufacturing and cleaning. Crafty people, can certainly find a simple solution for this. With the Cube 750 there is a plastic ring both at the bottom of the agitator and at the top of the shaft (see picture).

Furthermore, the agitator of the Cube has an additional Plastic scraper on one side of the agitator arm to be able to scrape very close to the edge of the container. This also leads to a double stirring power. This makes up for the lower speed compared to the Musso Mini (64 rpm versus 80 rpm).

As small Safety precaution with the Cube serve built-in magnets. After removing the lid, the machine stops automatically. There are simple means how to get around this, for example, to be able to drip chocolate into the running machine.

3. volume comparison

The Cube 750 is quieter with 50-60 dB compared to the Musso Mini, which is in the range 60-70 dB lies. This measurement was performed with a cell phone app and is therefore not exact. But it is reasonable to assume that the error is similar for both measurements.

Many people are not aware that a Difference of 10 dB as a doubling of the volume is perceived. Therefore, the difference between the two devices is clear. However, the volume of the two machines is still in the range of a normal entertainment (approx. 60 dB).

4. power consumption

According to the manufacturer, the Cube 750 140 watt/hour. The measurement performed by Christoph yielded approx. 170 watt/hour. The Musso on the other hand is with 200 watt/hour indicated, which confirmed the measurement.

The test showed that the Cube with less power a higher cooling capacity and similar stirring performance as the Musso achieves. This is probably because the Cube's tank is smaller and the agitator scrapes along the tank on both sides.

5. the ice test

For the testing Christoph had Three ice masses set. A peach sorbet, a chocolate ice cream and a yogurt ice cream with lemon. All three differ in the amount of sugar, water and fat. For each type of ice cream, 1.1 liters were prepared and then added in equal parts to the two ice cream machines.

The Criteria for assessment include: the Ice cream machine coolingwho Consistency of the fresh ice cream, the "Overrun" and the Quality of the ice cream after a few days in the freezer.

The "Overrun" (= how much air was incorporated into the ice mass) was determined by the weight of the same volume of ice from the two machines. In industrially produced ice cream is usually very much air contain, sometimes up to half the volume. This means 1000 ml weighs only around 500 g. For homemade ice cream, we aim for approx. 20-30% Air impact an.

Die Bedienelemente der Musso Mini und der Cube sind sehr ähnlich aufgebaut. Beide werden mit einem Spatel geliefert.
The Musso Mini and the Cube 750 were compared in the field test.
Musso Lussino Mini 4080*Cube 750
Ice cream machine coolingsomewhat slower, especially for sorbet significantly higher temperaturesquickly reaches low temperatures
End of the freezing processapprox. 30 minutesapprox. 20 minutes
Consistency of the fresh ice creamvery good, a little moussigervery good, a little firmer
Overrunno differenceno difference
Ice cream after a few days in the freezervery wellvery good, a touch less crystalline
Overview of the results of the ice machine test

There were two small differences between the devices. The Cube 750 cools faster down and produces more solid ice. The ice cream was even more liquid in the Musso, especially at the beginning. The Cube was usually ready after 20 minutes, the Musso after 30 minutes. The texture of the fresh ice was very similar in both machines, with a minimal advantage in the Cube.

After a few days in the freezer the ice cream was tasted blind. The ice cream from the Cube tended to be a bit better and a touch less crystalline. The Difference was minimal and only in the direct comparison to taste. One explanation for this could be that the Cube freezes down faster and therefore the ice crystals are smaller from the start. With the Musso, somewhat larger ice crystals are formed in the freezer in the aftermath.

6. cleaning of the ice machines

When it comes to cleaning, the ice machines do not differ significantly. Christoph has the Cleaning in his video on the Cube 750 demonstrated. First, the ice machine must be left until it is warmed is. Otherwise, it could happen that the rinsing water or the cloth freezes.

With warm water, some washing up liquid and a cloth, the cube is moistened and cleaned out. Then wipe with a dry cloth. Rinse the stirrer, scraper and lid as well. The stainless steel parts can also be put in the dishwasher. The time required is about 4 minutes.

A small advantage in cleaning the Musso consists in the fact that the Vessel larger is and both the removal of the ice as well as the cleaning makes easier.

7. purchase and spare parts

The Musso Mini can be ordered at Amazon*, for or Rauschenbach can be ordered. The Cube 750 can be ordered from or Rauschenbach can be purchased. With the latter there is the Cube 750 in different color variants. Spare parts I have seen so far only at

In any case, note the Delivery costs and in particular the Delivery times. If there is a bottleneck, the delivery of the Cube 750 can be a few weeks at times.

An Price comparison of the various providers is always worthwhile. Be careful with particularly cheap offers! You can find them anywhere on the Internet. A new ice cream machine in this price range is offered by a trusted dealer usually not offered below 700 euros.

8. conclusion

Both ice machines are on a Extremely high level and an enrichment for anyone who makes ice cream regularly.

However, there are small differences and the Cube 750 narrowly won the comparison. It cools down faster and thus produces a slightly better ice. This difference is only noticeable after a certain time in the freezer and is only minimal. However, it manages this with a lower power and thus power consumption.

For this, one must be clear that the Cube 750 often in the price trend about 50-100 euros more expensive is as the Musso Lussino Mini 4080*. Whether that still makes a difference at this price, everyone has to decide for themselves.

Feel free to post any questions or your own experiences with either ice cream maker in the comments.

Musso Mini vs. Cube 750 Eismaschine)']);" title="Jetzt kaufen bei Amazon">Musso Mini Lussino 4080 Eiscreme-Maschine | 0,75l Eiscreme in 30min | Italienische Eiscreme-Maschine für Zuhause | Vegane oder zuckerfreie Eiscreme, Gelato, Sorbet, Slush-Eis | Einfach zu benutzen*
by Musso
  • PERFEKT FÜR DEN PRIVATGEBRAUCH: Die Musso Mini Lussino 4080 Eismaschine für zu Hause wurde speziell für die Bedürfnisse von Kunden entwickelt, die zu Hause jederzeit leckeres Eis genießen möchten.
  • VIELSEITIG: Diese Eiscreme Maschine ist nicht nur auf die Herstellung von traditionellem Eis spezialisiert. Ihr vielseitiges Design ermöglicht die Herstellung verschiedener gefrorener Desserts wie Sorbet, Slush-Eis Slushy, gefrorenes Fruchteis, Gelato, und selbst veganes und laktosefreies Eis.
  • EINFACH ZU BENUTZEN: Die Musso Mini Lussino 4080 Eismaschine selbstkühlend für zu Hause ist extrem leicht zu verwenden. Geben Sie einfach Ihre Zutaten in die Schüssel, schalten Sie die Eiscreme Maschine ein und lassen Sie sie ihre Arbeit tun. Der eingebaute Timer und die automatische Abschaltfunktion machen es einfach, den Zubereitungsprozess von Eis zu überwachen und zu steuern.
  • SCHNELL UND EFFIZIENT: Mit einem Fassungsvermögen von 0,75 Litern schafft es diese Eismaschine mit Kompressor, in nur 30 Minuten eine Menge Eis zuzubereiten. Der leistungsstarke Motor sorgt dafür, dass das Eis gleichmäßig und reibungslos gerührt wird und eine cremige und köstliche Konsistenz erhält.
  • HOCHWERTIGES DESIGN: Die Musso Mini Lussino 4080 Eis Maschine ist aus hochwertigen Materialien gefertigt, die eine lange Lebensdauer garantieren. Die Schüssel, das Rührwerk und das Gehäuse sind aus rostfreiem Stahl gefertigt und daher leicht zu reinigen zu pflegen.
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