Ice cream maker for home: without compressor

The best ice machines for home The aim of this study is to identify Article series be. Today we first look at the Ice machines without compressor an. If you are still unsure or have no idea about ice cream machines, I can give you my article "Buying an ice cream machine: Yes or no?" and "4 good reasons to make your own ice cream" recommend

Now you may be wondering why I don't just go by the reviews that are out there on the internet on the relevant platforms. I find these Average rating always only unhelpful. Sometimes they hardly differ. Therefore, I wanted to take a different approach.

Since I have a clue about data analysis, I have made my own rankings calculation using Python (a programming language). However, instead of just relying on the average star ratings given on Amazon, I came up with a different model. In doing so, I include a number of factors to create a more accurate ranking of ice machines.

For all who are interested, comes in the next section, a little explanation of how I ranked have determined. Don't worry, it's explained in layman's terms and should give you a little insight into the factors that went into it. But you can also jump straight to the evaluation.

How did I calculate the ranking?

The following is only my personal approach and has no claim to completeness and guarantee.

The goal: the best ice machines without compressor for home to be identified on the market.

I have therefore searched together all ice machines without compressor on Amazon, the At least 100 ratings have. Afterwards I collected all the data around the star ratings and the price (as of June 2023).

For the calculation of the ranking I have Three factors included.

First of all I have the Weight of each star rating taken into account. We know that 5-star ratings and 1-star ratings are more important. Such ratings are usually only given if you are really convinced or very disappointed with a product. I have therefore included this factor in the calculation. The remaining star ratings have also been given a 'weighted rating', which reflects the value of each ice cream maker more accurately than the simple average of the stars.

I also have the Number of ratings for each machine included. More reviews are generally more reliable than fewer reviews. This means that two machines with an average of 4.3 stars, but different numbers of reviews, end up in different ranks. The machine with more reviews receives a higher rank, as many more users have "confirmed" the review.

Finally, I also have the Machine price is included in the calculation. Even if an ice cream machine has high ratings, a high price will lower the rank. Therefore, I have introduced a "price factor" that adjusts the rating of each machine based on its price and thus influences the ranking.

By taking all of these factors into account, I was able to create what I believe to be a better ranking of ice cream machines. This list will give you a better idea of what machine will give you the best price-performance ratio offers, based on a combination of distribution of ratings, number of ratings, and price.

The three best ice machines without compressor

I won't keep you in suspense for long. Here are the three winners:

WMF Küchenminis 3in1 Eismaschine, Ice Maker für Frozen Joghurt, Sorbet und Eiscreme, Gefrierbehälter 300 ml, 30-Minuten-Time, Frozen Joghurtmaschine
List Price: € 99.99 You Save: € 35.00 (-35%)  Price: € 64.99 Jetzt auf Amazon kaufen* Preis inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten
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A List of all ice machines included in the calculation can be found at the end of the article.

A technical comparison

Leogreen Electric Ice Cream MakerCuisinart Ice Cream Maker Ice Cream Deluxe (ICE30BCE)WMF KÜCHENminis ice cream maker 3 in1
Dimensions of the device20.4 x 20.4 x 22.5 cm24 x 23 x 30 cm18 x 16 x 19,5 cm
Capacity1.4 liters2 liters0.3 liters
minimum filling - maximum filling2 - 6 servings4 - 8 servings1 - 2 servings
Weight2,3 kg5 kg2,3 kg
Colorwhitesilversilver, black
MaterialAluminum, plasticAluminumStainless steel, plastic
Performance12 W25 W12 W
Volume65 dBunknown46 dB

Leogreen electric ice cream maker: winner price-performance ratio

On the first place it has the Leogreen - Electric ice cream maker 1.4 l managed. It is one of the cheapest ice machines and yet is very well rated.

Technical features

The Leogreen ice cream machine has a capacity of 1.4 literswhich means that you have enough ice for 5 to 6 people can prepare at once.

It consists of Aluminum and plastic and BPA-free. It has a manual operation mode and is easy to use. Within only 15-30 minutes you can make your own ice cream.

The machine also has a Overheating protection. This means that the motor rotates in the opposite direction when it is blocked by the ice mass becoming firmer.

Advantages and disadvantages according to customer reviews

Customers love the Leogreen ice cream machine mainly because of its the simple operation, easy cleaning and of the good price-performance ratio. The ice cream is made with this ice cream machine delicious and creamy.

However, as with all ice machines without compressor, it may happen that the Ice not properly solid becomes. This is due to the fact that the cooling container only keeps cool for a certain time and over time the ice cream mass can no longer freeze. Some customers then make do with the Freezer. However, you must know that then the ice cream will not be so creamy, because larger ice crystals are formed.

Partly also the small opening criticized, through which the ice cream mass must be poured into the running machine. The Assemble of the parts requires some practice and turns out a little difficult at first.

All in all, the Leogreen Electric Ice Cream Maker seems to be a great choice for all ice cream lovers who want to first of all not so much money want to spend. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and makes delicious ice cream, and all at a price under 50 euros. What more could you want?

Cuisinart 2L ice cream maker (Ice Cream Delux) ICE30BCU: Quality has its price

The 2nd place went to the Cuisinart Deluxe Eismaschine | Frozen Yogurt Maker from € 116.00 * created. This ice cream maker is a real gem for any kitchen and makes ice cream making a breeze. If it weren't for the price, she would be the clear winner.

Technical Special features

The Cuisinart ice cream maker has an impressive Capacity of 2 liters. If you fill it full, you can Ice cream for up to 8 people make. But of course you can also make less ice cream. This then goes all the faster.

It is made of Aluminum manufactured and has a noble design and a practical cubic shape. With a 25 watt motor this machine is powerful enough to conjure up creamy ice cream in the shortest possible time (about 25 minutes).

The special feature of the Cuisinart ice cream maker Ice Cream Delux is that here the Container rotates and the stirring unit is solid. It can be simply put together. The Filling opening is sufficiently large and well thought out.

Advantages and disadvantages according to customer reviews

Customers especially praise the great quality and creaminess of the ice creamthat you can make with this machine. In addition, the Lid and the stirring arm are dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning even easier.

However, some customers have complained that the machine, compared to other models on the market. more expensive is. However, with the Cuisinart ice cream maker you definitely get quality for your money.

All in all, the Cuisinart 2L ice cream maker seems to be a great choice for anyone who regularly larger quantities of ice want to produce. It is robust, powerful and makes delicious ice cream.

WMF Küchenminis 3-in-1 ice cream maker: the small one with big potential

In 3rd place comes the WMF Kitchen Minis 3in1 ice cream maker from € 64.99 . This ice cream maker is small but amazing. It is perfect for those who little space have, but do not want to give up homemade ice cream.

Technical Special features

The WMF Küchenminis ice cream maker has a elegant design from frosted stainless steel. She has a Filling capacity of 300 ml. This may not be as much as some other machines, but it is perfect for a small household or the small portion of ice cream for dessert. The container also has a convenient lid and fits in small freezer compartments.

However, you can also use a second container WMF Küchenminis freezer container with lid for from € 42.89 * to this buy. This increases the ice cream production and you can make two varieties at once.

Another cool feature is the LC display with countdown function. So you can see exactly how much longer it will take and you will be Beep alerted when your ice cream is ready.

As accessories there is a Ice cream spoon made of high quality Cromargan stainless steel to this.

Advantages and disadvantages according to customer reviews

Customers love the WMF Küchenminis ice cream maker mainly because of Quality of the ice cream produced and for the Durability of the device. Another plus point is the easy cleaning and handling of the machine.

However, one must be aware that the Capacity of the machine with 300 ml (approx. 500 ml final volume after freezing) quite small is.

All in all, the WMF Küchenminis 3-in-1 ice cream maker seems to be a great choice for those who only want to have little spacebut do not want to give up homemade ice cream. It is robust, easy to use and makes delicious ice cream.

Summary and comparison

Now you have an overview of the three best ice machines without compressor from my evaluation. But which one is the right one for you?

Here is a summary and a small comparison:

The Leogreen - Electric ice cream maker 1.4 l is the most favorable of the three machines and offers the best price-performance ratio. It is easy to use and clean and has a capacity of 1.5 liters. However, it is from the Cooling performance and handling not optimal, for this it is Cheap to buy. If you are still unsure and want to test first with whether you enjoy ice cream production, try it out with this ice cream maker.

The Cuisinart Deluxe Eismaschine | Frozen Yogurt Maker from € 116.00 * is the most expensive of the three machines, but also offers the largest capacity with 2 liters and the best quality. She has a elegant and practical design and is also easy to use and clean. If it were only about the ratings, the Cuisinart would be the clear winner.

The WMF Kitchen Minis 3in1 ice cream maker from € 64.99 is the smallest and most space-saving of the three machines. It has a capacity of 300 ml, but with the purchase of an additional container (e.g. WMF Küchenminis freezer container with lid for ice cream maker 3 from € 42.89 )* can be extended. Another advantage is the Timer and the High quality of both the ice produced and the equipment.

Which ice cream maker is right for you depends on your personal preferences and needs. But no matter which one you choose, one thing is for sure: with these ice cream machines, summer is guaranteed to be delicious!

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 17. July 2024 um 0:43 . Wir weisen darauf hin, dass sich hier angezeigte Preise inzwischen geändert haben können. Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

My personal opinion

I myself immediately got myself a Ice cream machine with compressor added. The devices Without compressor have too many disadvantages for me:

  1. You are inflexible, because you have to Container at least 12 hours in a sufficiently cold freezer compartment Freeze beforehand must. In addition, this takes up a lot of space in the freezer.
  2. It may happen that the Cooling capacity of the tank is not sufficientso that the ice cream becomes really firm. If you then let it freeze through properly in the freezer, it is not as creamy as it could be.
  3. You can always only one variety produce in one pass. After that, the container must first be frozen again.

So if you like to eat ice cream, it can be quite useful, right into an ice cream machine with compressor to invest. Here too there are Models that offer good value for money offer and are only marginally more expensive than the Cuisinart ICE30BCE or the WMF Kitchen Minis ice cream maker 3-in-1 with an additional container.

Ice cream machines in the lower price category with compressor are, for example, Springlane Eni or Kumio ice cream maker.

Ranking of all considered ice machines

Rankice cream machine
1 Leogreen - Electric ice cream maker 1.4 l
2 Cuisinart Deluxe Eismaschine | Frozen Yogurt Maker from € 116.00
3 WMF Kitchen Minis 3in1 ice cream maker from € 64.99
4 Krups GVS241 Ice cream maker Venice Perfect Mix | 1L from € 139.70
5 Cuisinart Duo ice cream maker | 2 from € 159.99
6 ROMMELSBACHER IM 12 Kurt ice cream maker - for from € 58.40
7 JUNG PerfectMix ICE MASTER ice cream machine ice cream from € 59.84
8 Perfect Mix Ice Cream Machine Ice Cream Machine 4in1(
9 Duronic IM540 ice cream maker from € 36.99
10 Klarstein - Creamberry ice cream maker
11 ProfiCook® ice cream maker and yogurt maker | Ice cream

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