Strawberry ice cream with white chocolate

Erdbeer-Eis mit weißer Schokolade für ein noch himmlischeres Geschmackserlebnis.
Strawberry ice cream with white chocolate for an even more heavenly taste experience.

Strawberry ice cream with white chocolate not only sounds delicious, but is a wonderful combination that you must try.

Summer and strawberries simply belong together, so I'm sure you're all already diligently making my classic strawberry ice cream Recipe.

Now I want to give you a Further development and variation that will surely blow your mind. The connection from Strawberries and white chocolate is not new, but as ice you meet them rather rarely.

And now, without much preamble, straight to the recipe.

ingredients Strawberry ice cream with white chocolate

For 4 servings (approx. 500 g ice cream)
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Maturing time/cooling time: 1 hour or overnight
Freezing time: 30 minutes (ice cream machine), about 4 hours (freezer method).

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  1. Frozen strawberries should thaw a little, fresh strawberries are washed and cleaned.
  2. Place the strawberries in a blender (e.g. Russell Hobbs Stand Mixer 2 from € 67.99 )* finely puree. If you do not like the seeds of the strawberries, you should pass the fruit puree through a fine sieve (e.g. Küchenprofi Profi strainer stainless steel from € 54.74 )* delete
  3. Weigh the dextrose, glucose, skim milk powder, locust bean gum and guar gum and add a pinch of salt. If any of the ingredients are lumpy, pass the powder through a sieve. Small quantities should be weighed with a fine scale (e.g. Josh's digital scale MR5 | Feinwaage the in 0 from € 9.29 )* weighed out. Mix the ingredients well.
  4. Put milk and cream together with the white chocolate in a saucepan. Heat the mixture while stirring over medium heat until the chocolate is melted.
  5. Add the strawberry puree and mix everything well.
  6. Continue to add the previously blended dry ingredients to the milk-cream-strawberry mixture, stirring constantly with a whisk.
  7. Continue stirring the ice cream mixture for a few minutes until just before boiling. Then turn off the heat and remove the pot from the stove.
  8. Let the finished ice cream mixture cool in the refrigerator and ripen overnight if necessary.

Before freezing, the ice cream mixture should be mixed again with a hand blender (e.g. Braun hand blender MQ 5200WH from € 39.99 )* or stand mixer (e.g. Russell Hobbs Stand Mixer 2 from € 67.99 )* should be whipped up. This mixes all the ingredients well once again.

Now you can use the ice cream machine prepare. In the ice cream maker, the freezing process takes about 30 minutes.

Who Glycerin If you want to use the ice cream, you should add it to the ice cream mixture when the ice cream is already quite firm, but not yet completely ready.

Alternatively, you can also make the ice cream in the Freezer perform (total time about 4 hours). The ice cream will not be as creamy in this production as in an ice cream machine.

If the ice cream becomes hard because, for example, your freezer is particularly cold, then simply let the ice cream thaw a little in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes before eating. Or you use in the production Glycerin.

Reife Erdbeeren sind äußerst wichtig für ein tolles Eis.
Ripe strawberries are extremely important for a great ice cream.

Tips strawberry ice cream with white chocolate

  • Pay attention ripe strawberries to use. Best her picks them herself in a fieldto be able to choose the most beautiful specimens. If your berries but once not so sweet are, add some sugar to the blender so that the ice cream has enough freeze inhibition. About 1 tablespoon sugar to 250 g strawberries should be sufficient in most cases.
  • Make sure to use a high quality white chocolate to use. You can tell because the cocoa butter content is high and there aren't too many ingredients listed.
  • As Topping are suitable in any case fresh fruit, especially Strawberries. Also a homemade strawberry sauce once again emphasizes the taste of the ice cream. Grated white chocolate or Coconut flakes (e.g. health food store coconut rasp organic from € 2.99 (€ 11.96 / kg))* are also a good idea.
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