Parfait is another type of frozen dessert characterized by its rich, creamy texture and delicate flavor. It consists of a mixture of eggs, sugar, cream and often flavors or ingredients such as fruit, chocolate, coffee or nuts. Parfaits are especially popular in French and American cuisine and can be presented in different layers and colors, which gives them an attractive appearance.

The preparation of a parfait usually begins with heating a mixture of egg yolks and sugar over a water bath until it reaches a thick, light consistency - this is also known as sabayon. Meanwhile, the cream is whipped separately until stiff. After the sabayon has cooled, the flavors or ingredients are added and then the whipped cream is carefully folded in. The mixture should be uniform and airy to ensure a velvety texture.

Unlike conventional ice cream or Sorbet, which is stirred and frozen in an ice cream machine, parfait is usually poured into a mold and left to set in the freezer. Sometimes the parfait is prepared in layers with different flavors or ingredients to create appealing visual effects.

Once the parfait has set, it is removed from the mold and sliced or served directly from the mold. The texture of a parfait is creamy, rich and at the same time light, which makes it a refined dessert often served on special occasions or as part of an elegant menu.