American ice base

Philadelphia style, also known as American ice cream base, is another method of making ice cream that is characterized by its simplicity and light texture. Unlike the custard base contains the

Custard ice cream base

Custard base, also known as Eiscustard or French ice cream base, is one of the most common bases used to make premium ice cream. This base is richer and creamier than other ice cream bases because it is

Ice base

In ice cream production, the term "ice cream base" refers to the basic mixture of ingredients used to make different types of ice cream. This base is the starting point from which flavors,


Compressor ice cream maker is an electric device used to prepare ice cream, sorbet, parfait and other frozen desserts. The compressor plays a central role in the operation of this


Parfait is another type of frozen dessert characterized by its rich, creamy texture and delicate flavor. It consists of a mixture of eggs, sugar, cream and


Sorbet is a refreshing frozen dessert made primarily from fruit puree, sugar and water. Unlike traditional ice cream, which contains milk, cream and/or eggs, sorbet is made in the